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VENN - Runes


InfoCD & LP3rd March 2017

Debut album on Full Time Hobby from VENN.

The album was recorded at the Total Refreshment Centre in London, by Kristian Craig Robinson (AKA Capitol K) of The Archie Bronson Outfit and Loose Meat.

Lyrically, each song occupies its own territory, while contributing to the wider thematic arc of the record. Themes of the individual existing within a moment we all share, the incredible flux of culture, the search for nodes of meaning and love, and the confrontation of ones’ own vanity and narcissism amid all this crisis.

The accompanying video for first single ‘Real Blood’ was directed by photographer, Emma Gibney, and shot by editor, Mark Norgate. It is described by the band as “a visual representation of the song’s deeper meaning – of the struggle to feel real in an increasingly cold, closed culture, to remain human even when you are confronted with inhumanity”, while exploring tangential themes of mutual and reciprocal domination, if indeed such a thing exists.

1. Legacy Project
2. Real Blood
3. Slowly Sinking
4. Esalen 64
5. Supernature
6. A Smaller Part
7. Bigger Fiction
8. Dave Land
9. Waxen Palm

Artist VENN