Video Age - Pleasure Line

  • Video Age - Pleasure Line

Video Age - Pleasure Line


FormatCD, LP & Tape
Released7th August 2020
Catalogue WSP034LPC1
Barcode 704751183998

Restlessness is the first step towards pleasure. We make comfort out of discomfort, pleasure out of pain. That journey isn’t always a straight line, but at least we’re going somewhere real. “I had to move, Lord I couldn’t be still” is the unsettled way that Video Age’s new album and title track, 'Pleasure Line', begins. But as the song unfolds, it uplifts us into a romantic space of possibility and love. Just as 'love' is both a noun and a verb, Pleasure Line is both a road to be traveled and the act of crossing that road.

Video Age’s first two albums were about loneliness and discovering oneself, but Pleasure Line takes on a whole new attitude, considering songwriting partners Ross Farbe and Ray Micarelli are both getting married this year (just a few weeks apart from each other, too). But these songs aren’t expressions of one-dimensional puppy love—this is euphoria with depth, ecstasy with complications.

Coloured Edition LP is on Purple Royalty Vinyl

1 Pleasure Line
2 Maybe Just Once
3 Blushing
4 Aerostar
5 Comic Relief
6 Sweet Marie
7 Shadow On The Wall
8 That Can't Be
9 Meet Me In My Heart
10 Good To Be Back

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Artist Video Age
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