Woman's Hour - Conversations

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  • Woman's Hour - Conversations

Woman's Hour - Conversations

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InfoCD, LP and Ltd LPJuly 14th

Woman's Hour are not your average band. The first clue comes in the name of the London-based four-piece, taken from a beloved female-focused news and culture show on BBC Radio 4. The second is in their graphic, striking monochrome visuals, meticulously curated in collaboration with Tate and MOMA certified fine artists Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg. These play with shape and texture, much like their powerful, iridescent music. Their 360Î_ approach is closer to the art / music crossover of acts such as Throbbing Gristle, Yoko Ono or Factory Floor than most of this year's indie hopes.

Their debut album 'Conversations' displays the intricate construction and intimacy of The xx and the iridescent shimmer of Summer-defining indie pop. Their music - as poignantly personal as pop gets - has a rare singularity and purpose.

Woman's Hour have an uncompromising commitment to the unconventional. For them, music does not exist as merely a hummable soundtrack but as a wider and more artistic proposition.

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1 Unbroken Sequence
2 Conversations
3 To The End
4 Darkest Place
5 In Stillness We Remain
6 Our Love Has No Rhythm
7 Her Ghost
8 Two Sides Of You
9 Devotion
10 Reflections
11 Day That Needs Defending

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