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Xoros - Xoros


Released6th March 2020
Catalogue TRNT0004
Barcode 5057805515937

Xoros is an exploration of space, repetition and temporal oblivion. Created by Will Ward and Jack Wyllie, the music is based on densely layered sonic textures and circular instrumental loops.

Xoros’ has its genesis in techno and dance music, but while they remain important elements in the language of this record, the lexicon has evolved into something other. Will Ward’s musical background - having released on prestigious European labels such as Leisure System and Newrhythmic - combined with the accomplished jazz, ambient and electronic musicianship of Jack Wyllie - a member of Portico Quartet and Szun Waves - results in a record that will not sit uncomfortably alongside other ambient explorations, but draws from a wide scope of sonic universes.

For Ward and Wyllie, when working together a focus on texture and space emerged as their common goal and provided a fertile ground for collaborative experimentation.

Xoros is taken from the Greek meaning for a circular dance, it’s an apt description for this project as the music’s foundations are based around repetitive instrumental loops. In fact the early definitions of this word did not differentiate between the dance and the music itself, both elements combined were said to bring listener into a heightened state of trance. The same can be said for this expansive and spacious album, which uses these continuous evolving sounds in a way which is both masterful and hypnotic. 

Artist Xoros