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Younghusband - Swimmers


FormatCD & LP
Released7th June 2019
Catalogue OPPONO12LP
Barcode 5053760048459

Younghusband have surfaced with new album Swimmers on the Opposite Number label. Their first new music since 2015’s Dissolver, Swimmers is awash with glowing guitar melodies, breezy pop moments and restrained yet potent song-craft. It looks to themes of open space and reflection, partly inspired by band's move to their own studio in Greenwich, built by singer and songwriter Euan Hinshelwood in an old barn.

With members of Younghusband having also played in Wes Gonzalez and Meilyr Jones' recent live bands and inspired by both artists' off the cuff approach, recording sessions for Swimmers were driven by instinct and impulse, as Euan would introduce the new songs to bandmates on the day of recording.

Of first track  'Translation'. Euan says  "It's open to interpretation, but looking back on that period of time I guess it's a song about change and retreat. And about a short moment of that time. A stubborn moment when you want to push everything away for a second and work out what element is tripping you up."

The LP is on Transparent Blue vinyl

1. Translation
2. What’s Wrong?
3. Modern Lie
4. Different About You
5. Sister
6. Grinding Teeth
7. Broken In Half Again
8. Paradise In The Rain
9. Sucker
10. It’s Not Easy

Artist Younghusband
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