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The Drift Record Shop


Drift is the (not) award-winning independent record shop in Totnes, Devon.

Drift has been occupying number 103 High Street in Totnes for the last decade. We've been online for a little bit longer and our roots were first laid just a few doors down the road back in the early nineties.

Drift these days is the final iteration (we think) of what started out as a VHS video library. Back around 1993/4 it was opened under the name 'World Video & Music' by two great guys called Niall and Tom. They really caught the wave with the interest in arthouse cinema and we had a pretty amazing collection of Tartan and Artificial Eye films on video tape to rent. Over the years, more and more music was introduced and even one full format overall to move the entire rental library onto DVD. This was all about a hundred yards down the street at number 91 High Street before we embraced our true calling as an indie record shop and really put everything we had behind it.

No.103 is a light and airy double shop at the top of the Totnes high street stocking new music on CD, Vinyl and Cassette. We stock anything we're into from jazz to post-punk, house, techno and ambient to experimental and avant-garde. There are also some books and magazines that we like and we have a refurbished Fiorenzato Ducale coffee machine that pulls a pretty good espresso, it's a great place to spend some time. Drift is also fully licensed and we serve cocktails on Friday and Saturday nights.

Although taking it pretty seriously, we have always recognised that Drift has to remain - above all else - really good fun. Family owned and operated, Drift was named after the bedroom record label we had started (and quickly stopped!) and over the last decade we've flirted with publishing a newspaper about record shops called Deluxe, a festival called Sea Change and even a collective of indie shops working together under an umbrella called Dinked.

Drift Record Shop

- Drift was nominated as 'Best Independent Retailer' at the Music Week Award in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020 .

- Drift was nominated "Indie Champions" at the 2015 AIM Awards.

You're going to want to come and see us... or at least have us ship you something in the post.  

“The local record shop, Drift, is mind-bogglingly great: the kind of place that you'd think was amazing if you found it in New York"

Drift Instore
"The displays of current staff favorites are refreshed on an almost-fanatical basis. Then there's the shop's treasure trove of vinyl -- row upon row of expertly selected discs and long-sold-out collector's items"