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Hundreds of new releases, exclusive editions and last copies added to the summer sale. Up to 50% and when they're gone, they're gone.

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Record of the Month

Metronomy make July '16 sound like Summer '08 with the new retrospective and autobiographic LP.


Drift's New Festival

A new festival of high times in Totnes.August 26th & 27th. Featuring British Sea Power, TOY, Bo Ningen, Richard Dawson, THROWS, Yorkston Thorne Khan, BC Camplight, Rival Consoles, Ultimate Painting and loads more...

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Ryley Walkers 'Golden Sings That Have Been Sung', a sonic shift, a rich and woozy take on jazz, minimalism and psychedelia.


Record of the Week

The Amazing - Ambulance

Takes some balls to name your band Amazing, but they are a band we really dig and they have the chops to back it up....
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Jherek Bischoff - Cistern

Record of the Week is some seriously emotional stuff from the mercurially talented Jherek Bischoff. Recorded with a live orchestra, Cistern is the second album by...
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