Preorder Rundown: Week 02

We're liking 2022 already, it's a very solid week full of new listings for your browsing. We've highlighted some dozen bits that piqued our interest. Lots of limited pressings to investigate, too!Fontaines...

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Metronomy's Small World Tea-Towel

Pop's most unlikely trio (Joe Mount, a Tea Towel and Lee O'Connor) have again worked pure magic for another Drift exclusive. To celebrate the forthcoming Small World album, Joe Metronomy selected his 'Eight...

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Record of the Month: Silverbacks - Archive Material

Archive Material is the second studio LP from (mostly) Dublin-based art-rock quintet Silverbacks, and it's a bloody corker. Silverbacks are brothers Kilian O'Kelly (guitar), Daniel O'Kelly (vocals and another guitar), bassist and vocalist...

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Preorder Rundown: Week 01

All coming soon to Drift. Give yourself some browsing time to check out what is en route and sounding güt! An excellent first week of 2022 for new preorder listings. Here...

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