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Syro; How and when to listen.

Unlikely as it is, you may not have heard that this September Aphex Twin will return with a new studio album via Warp. I hope that this wasn't the way that you found this news out... it lacked total charisma. It has been announced today on that between September 5th and 10th, listening events will be held in cities in UK, France, USA, Canada, Belgium and Netherlands. A lottery for tickets will open this Sunday at Warp and you can expect it to be chaos. Now as we are utterly radical, we have decided to offer up some of our ticket allocation as prizes for you to win direct from us. We have a few pairs of tickets and you can win them next week via various competitions we're going to run on our social sites... how very hip we are.

First thing first, you'll want to follow us on twitter and instagram. You'll also want to download an app for your smartphone called Snapchat and add us as a friend. Search for driftrecordshop - it's gonna be fun!

All that excitement aside, would you like to pre order the album? Sure, head to the shop here. Those who pre-order from us will receive the collectible Aphex Twin dropcard that will unlock digital content. There are just 5,000 worldwide. Don't miss out!