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Black Friday 2016

Black Friday 2016

So here is the headline if you don't want to read all of this, Drift are not running any discounts or crash sales this weekend as part of Black Friday...

The last thing we want to do here is sound like we're complaining, we're really not. Black Friday is hysterical. If we manage to make it out early enough were going to go to the massive 24 hour Tesco at Lee Mill to see the ruck. Failing that, we'll be in line to cop a discount PS4 on Amazon. Black Friday is what it is. Although Amazon can afford to sell the computer to us at pretty much cost and Sony can take the hit as they'll well and truly make it up in the long run on software, it is just massively devaluing the whole sector and the notion of really ever buying anything at a suitable price on some level.

Our brothers and sister in record shops in the USA have the right idea. Over the last few years, Black Friday has taken on the mantle of 'Record Store Day Two', we've spoken to loads of our friends there this week and they have a ton of exclusive releases landing and their day is very much about celebration; celebrating friendship, music, artists, labels, shops... really giving thanks.

Again, we're not trying to play the sympathy card, bitching about low margins or just needlessly venting, we're fine with Black Friday, it's just totally mathematically non-viable to our business. We've actually spent the last thirteen months gradually lowering the price of all new CD and Vinyl in the shop, all against the back drop of Brexit, a slow economy and being based physically on a very weak high street indeed. We've also built up a strong and very loyal customer base who support us when there are still cheaper alternatives online... this is awesome, it categorically enables us to continue doing what we love doing.

How would you feel if you had purchased something this past week at Drift only for it to be dropped massively in price that weekend?... pissed... no doubt. 

So to hopefully articulate where we stand; Black Friday is fine, it's just not part of our world and does not work for us. We will be carrying about twenty really interesting exclusive products as part of the USA Record Store Day coordinated Black Friday and if you want to come see us this weekend we'll be liberally pouring brandy into your coffee for you.