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Record Store Day(s) 2021 and all the releases

Record Store Day(s) 2021 and all the releases

Not once, but twice this summer we'll be hitting that #RSD hashtag hard and celebrating Record Store Day with limited and exclusive releases.

The big switch over at RSD UK has just been flicked, announcing some five-hundred plus exclusives that will be dropping on Saturday 12th June and Saturday 17th July. You can download two handy PDF files here with them neatly listed as Drop One and Drop Two.

Update: The dates are moving around a fair amount, so please check closer to the day for a final inventory. 

Now we know that you know this, but we will not be stocking all 539 of them. We'd guess that Drift will be looking at more like 200-odd, so please bear in mind this is just the starters pistol. We will make sure to publish browsable collections soon with everything we anticipate having in stock, but we'd also ask you to please fill in this form if you have any requests and we'll do our best to cover as many bases as we can.

Update: We have placed all stock orders and we covered as much as we could. Thanks for the feedback.

Please note that we can't reserve or presell any of the releases, but knowing that you want them will enable us to get in a few copies of titles that we might have otherwise missed.

You can view what we will be stocking as we gradually load them onto the website here.

Your questions, answered.

Q. When are you open and will there be a queue?
A. We'll be open at 9am on both drop days and we'd expect a pretty healthy queue, yes.

Q. Are you selling them online?
A. Yes. We believe that the stock can be sold as of 6pm UK time, so we'll likely close the shop late afternoon (time tbc) and make the remaining stock of the releases available to buy online.

Q. Are you excited about selling them online?
A. Well, it seems a little counterintuitive to the whole ethos of the day to be perfectly honest? But we always have fun picking and packing.

Q. Will the weather be much nicer than in April or October?
A. Yes, yes it will.

Official RSD online x offline policy;

12th June – shops will be able to sell online the same day from 6pm.

17th July – RSD will return to normal (ie all RSD product must be sold over the counter only) until 8pm on Friday 23rd July when it can then be made available online.