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Records of the Week: BADBADNOTGOOD, Pond, Shannon Lay, AVAWAVES, Kevin Morby and Johnny Flynn and Robert Macfarlane.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: BADBADNOTGOOD, Pond, Shannon Lay, AVAWAVES, Kevin Morby and Johnny Flynn and Robert Macfarlane.

Nearly bringing this chatty week to an end with a superb set of new releases for you.

Hello, Friends.

Welcome to the Week's new releases and our October Record of the Month with Talk Memory, the superb new LP from Toronto's finest: BADBADNOTGOOD. Man alive, we don't want to go fully over the top here, but it’s just amazing. A free-flowing jazz opus with little echoes that appear and haze away throughout.

A genuinely psychedelic trip. We couldn't recommend this more highly.

+ Available on a limited White Vinyl pressing.
+ Whilst stocks last, we'll ship out LP orders with all three volumes of The Memory Catalogue, a three piece print series which provides visual language to Talk Memory. We can do this with the CD too, but you have to cover the shipping.

Geist is the lush return of Shannon Lay on Sub Pop. It's all so deliciously spooky, autumnal pluckings and whispering vocals. A really beautiful set, utterly captivating like spells. It's our Record of the Week and again, very highly recommended indeed. 

+ LPs are pressed on 'Sub' yellow vinyl. 

9 is the new LP from Australian psychedelic rockers Pond. It's self-produced and impressively so, less of the wild rocking acid and more into tightly wound avant-pop. Plenty of nice hypnotics. 

Drift Record Shop


Earlier today we announced Fleuves de l'Âme, our 152nd Edition and an absolutely stunning new project from Tunisian multi-instrumentalist Houieda Hedfi

Not only this (plus the announcements of Los Bitchos and Silverbacks earlier this week), we have THREE editions in the racks tomorrow.

Lost In The Cedar Wood is a really beautiful collaboration between Johnny Flynn and Robert Macfarlane. A really lush combination of very new and very old sounds combining, really great energy. The Dinked format did sell out, but we do have classic OG Black Vinyl available.

One Hand on The Steering Wheel The Other Sewing A Garden is the second LP from Montreal songwriter Ada Lea. Wistful and slow paced, but never idle, got some really lush moments and her voice is pretty magic. We've just made the last few Dinked Editions live.

The last of this week's set is Nocturnal Manoeuvres, the pounding and life affirming return of JOHN. You know how mad about the duo we are (recently having them join us in Totnes) and we are gonna be playing this a lot on the stereo. The slight bummer is that (Brexit, Petrol, COVID) the stock is late, so we'll drop you a line about this fine album when it lands next week as we want to make a fuss about how loud we're playing it and how much we're enjoying it!

Kevin Morby A Night At The Little Los Angeles [4 Track Version of Sundowner]

Our main man Kevin Morby releases A Night At The Little Los Angeles, a set of 4-Track versions of his acclaimed and dazzling Sundowner LP. A wonderful insight into one of our favourite song-writer’s processes. We'd hype the hell out of this if we had more, but it's limited af.

+ Morbs has signed some postcards for us, popping those into orders now.

Contemporary virtuoso duo AVAWAVES (Anna Phoebe and Aisling Brouwer) release the stunning Chrysalis. Big cinematic swoons, but there are some really beautiful and really simple gestures here.

NYC (by way of Buffalo, NY) singer-songwriter Steven Raekwon Reynolds releases Where I’m At Now under his S. Raekwon moniker. In the best possible way, this is such a mixed bag with both vintage and quite futuristic pop against soul and some great experimentalism. A really engaging listen.

+ Available on limited Opaque Custard Yellow colour vinyl.

More gold on Tough Love this week with If The Ceiling Were A Kite: Vol. 1 from San Francisco's April Magazine. A lo-fi album of patchwork pop songs, such good vibes.

+ Available on limited Cream vinyl.

Windflowers marks the return of Efterklang, some of our favourite Danes, with their first LP for City Slang. Intimate, melodic, euphoric and really beautifully made. Didn't realise how much we'd missed them.

+ Both LP formats are pressed on 140g vinyl, printed inner sleeve, a lyric sheet, and a download code. The indie exclusive is pressed on clear colour vinyl.

Also this week; A Song Is Way Above The Lawn is an album of songs for children by Karen Peris of The Innocence Mission. Sam Fender returns with the massive Seventeen Going Under LP, we have a limited Baby Blue vinyl pressing in an alt sleeve. The furious and skull-crushing riffs of Kansas City trio BUMMER on the wild Dead HorseÆ from musician and filmmaker Domingæ, best known as the founder of experimental psych band Föllakzoid. Ungrateful Heart is the fourth album from Milan-based group The Gluts on Fuzz Club. We have it as a deluxe Red and Black splatter vinyl edition. Friends That Break Your Heart is the vocal-heavy return from the Mercury Prize-winning James Blake. Only played this a bit, but the production is really great, glassy and weird. Another great songwriter is Liz Lawrence who releases The Avalanche. Like this.

We have a couple of REALLY LIMITED Inner Song Remix Series 12"s from high queen Kelly Lee Owens.

Kiefer releases the excellent When There's Love Around on Stones Throw Records. We were playing it in the shop this week and our bud Chris accidentally bought a previous Kiefer LP... Which he also likes. Kiefer is well good.

On Lyra Pramuk's Delta, a group of phenomenal artists rework a phenomenal record, revisiting her extraordinary debut LP Fountain. Available on Ice Blue Vinyl, but it's running slightly late, so keep both eyes out.

Also here on CD and due shortly(ish) on vinyl is Sufjan Stevens & Angelo De Augustine's utterly glorious A Beginner's Mind collaboration. The way their vocals work around one-another is just magic stuff, can't wait to rave about this one when it lands, it really is a special one.

Okay... That was a lot wasn't it?

- Drift