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Records of the Week: Emma-Jean Thackray, Molly Burch, Darkside, Erika De Casier, Joel Culpepper, Leon Bridges, Piroshka, Anika and Alasdair Roberts.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Emma-Jean Thackray, Molly Burch, Darkside, Erika De Casier, Joel Culpepper, Leon Bridges, Piroshka, Anika and Alasdair Roberts.

Ending this scorching week with a set of scorching new releases.

Hello, Friends.

Without going well and truly over the top, we have been waiting for Emma-Jean Thackray's debut LP for YONKS. Every track, appearance and EP she has released to date has shown her to be an adventurous and ever evolving artist. Her debut, Yellow, is just such a treat. Soaked in influences from fusion and P-Funk, the sonic spirituals of Sun Ra and Alice Coltrane through to the sheer joy of Beach Boys orchestration. She really is one of the brightest lights around. It's our Record of the Week and we can't rave about this one enough.

+ Indie 2LP is pressed on limited Clear vinyl.
+ Limited 12" x 24" full-colour, folded art prints while stocks last.

Landing somewhere between pop and cosmic disco, Romantic Images whirls around Molly Burch's wonderful voice. She's made a pretty timeless sounding pop record, whilst not directly sounding like anything else. Loads of drive and also flashes of melancholic sunshine, it's really good. You will be please to learn that we also held back a few of the exclusive Dinked Editions. They have arrived really looking very splendid. 

+ Dinked Edition Number 119
+ Hot Pink LP
+ 2 x Dinked Tarot Cards
+ Numbered 10” x 10” print
+ Pull out poster
+ Printed inserts
+ Limited pressing of 500
+ One per customer

Darkside Spiral

Darkside (the dynamic duo of Nicolás Jaar and Dave Harrington) return with the absolutely excellent Spiral this week on Matador. There is so much going on - both throughout the record and pretty much at any given second. It is dense and smart, but full of slowly unfolding motifs and hypnotics. This is smart and enthralling music, very highly recommended. 

+ Whilst stocks last, we'll put iron-on Darkside patches into all orders.

Sgt Culpepper is the explosive debut LP from Joel Culpepper on Mr Bongo. Working with all sorts of excellent heads in the UK Jazz and Grime scenes, it has a community vibe, but there is no doubt who is in the spotlight here, he's really got it going on.

+ Limited Indie pressing on Gold colour vinyl.

Sensational is the second full LP from Copenhagen-based songwriter and producer Erika de Casier. It's all about her sugary sweet and seductively whispered vocals. The production (garage-influenced pop) is really tight, all about framing her.

+ Limited Clear vinyl pressing.

Piroshka (fronted by Lush's Miki Berenyi) return on Bella Union with the driving Love Drips & Gathers. Got some lush reverbs going on, this is the richest sounding record we've heard in a while.

+ Limited Clear vinyl pressing.

Gold Diggers Sound is the third studio LP from the Grammy Award-winning soul man, Leon Bridges. There is a very contemporary tone to the production (the more R&B leaning tracks especially), which plays as a lush balance against the rich, timeless quality of his voice.

 + Our Indie exclusive LP features an alternative sleeve.

Molly Burch Romantic Images

9th & Walnut, the 2002 recorded album from CA punk veterans The Descendents finally arrives! Worth flagging up here and now, this is REALLY limited availability, so you punk heads should get involved ASAP.

The Old Fabled River is a stirring set of Scottish and Norwegian traditionals from Alasdair Roberts and the specially formed collective Völvur. Delivery is perfect, a spooky modern take on very old songs.

Change is the first album in eight years from the Berlin-based Anika. Quite simple in much of it's arrangement, which really makes the little flourishes pop and her vocals are like hazy lullabies... Not to suggest that the content is necessarily easy going.

+ Limited Grey colour vinyl pressing.

Real Estate's Alex Bleeker steps out on his own for a first full solo album, taking his music back to his homespun indie-rock roots. Heaven On The Faultline has got such a lush vibe, lo-fi shimmers. It's a real summer banger.

Obey Cobra release Oblong, really sick and totally unique psychedelic art-punk from Cardiff. Heavily recommended if you're into Pigs x7, SunnO))) or Gnod.

Influences is the first solo album from Kevin Drew of Toronto indie-rock ensemble Broken Social Scene under the name K.D.A.P. Beautifully knotted electronic bleeps and pulses.

A couple of really good releases landing this week on CD with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard's Butterfly 3000 and Mega Bog's Life, and Another. We'll talk about both again at the end of next month when the vinyl formats arrive, but the Mega Bog album in particular really is really a wonky treasure.

A reminder that Eliza Shaddad joins us live instore tomorrow at 5pm. More info.

- Drift