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Records of the Week:  Fat White Family, St. Vincent, Adult Jazz, ganavya, Porij, Justice, Pye Corner Audio, Iron & Wine, Corridor, Parsnip and Still House Plants.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Fat White Family, St. Vincent, Adult Jazz, ganavya, Porij, Justice, Pye Corner Audio, Iron & Wine, Corridor, Parsnip and Still House Plants.

Proper Record Shop action with a very full set of new releases; something for everyone!

A big return from Fat White Family this week on Domino with their fourth LP, Forgiveness Is Yours. It is hugely inventive, with an erratic set of influences and styles in the mix, but they have successfully managed to produce something entirely their own out of it. You have to marvel at the ambition and when it clicks, it really clicks.

+ Available on exclusive Clear colour vinyl.
+ We have signed prints available with LP orders.

The week’s other biggest return is St. Vincent with All Born Screaming. Her self-produced seventh album sounds absolutely incredible, a proper high fidelity pop record of maximalism. There are quite a few little gestures that sound like other things, but whether it’s soundtracks or films or iconic pop you can’t tell as they whirl across the speakers. A proper fun record.

+ Available on exclusive Clear colour vinyl.
+ We have signed prints available with LP orders.
Loren Kramar

We have a Dinked double this week with two very different albums that we are really proud to have been involved in.

Firstly, So Sorry So Slow is the first full-length album in a decade from London-based four-piece Adult Jazz. The production is really fantastic, such clarity to every noise and tone and their pop has only become more idiosyncratic and knotty with time. It’s quite the workout and full of thrills and flourishes.

+ Available as an exclusive Dinked Edition.
+ Available on double limited Cream colour vinyl.

like the sky I've been too quiet is the studio debut from South-Asian vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer ganavya. Released on Shabaka Hutchings’ Native Rebel Recordings (and featuring contributions from Kofi Flexxx, Floating Points, Carlos Niño, Leafcutter John and Mercury-nominated bassist Tom Herbert), it is absolutely beautiful. There is tranquillity and spirituality, but it never floats idly. A really special record.

+ Available as an exclusive Dinked Edition.

Manchester-formed quartet Porij release their eagerly anticipated debut LP Teething this week. Alt-pop with dance floor influences that all bob along at a good pace, but it’s the weirder, darker and more urgent moments that really stand out.

Hyperdrama is the fourth LP by French electronic music duo Justice. The most sleek production and plenty of pounding beats, this one is primed to soundtrack the imminent summer sun. Loads of guests including Tame Impala and Thundercat.

+ Available on limited double Crystal Clear vinyl.

The Endless Echo is the new LP on Ghost Box from the prolific Pye Corner Audio, with cinematic electronica and brooding ambience. He creates such rich atmospheres and this one falls somewhere between hauntology and sci-fi. Richly dark stuff.

Sam Beam’s Iron & Wine return this week with Light Verse, his seventh full-length. There is a lightness, and a lushness to the production, but he remains a rich songwriter and the tone can shift like overcast clouds. Pretty, gently euphoric and at times unnerving, it’s quite the trip. Fiona Apple appears too which is really lush.

+ Available as a very limited Loser Edition on Transparent Yellow colour vinyl.

Montreal band Corridor return on Sub Pop this week with Mimi, their fourth LP and a progression into hypnotic atmospherics. Really great energy and it still explodes into prickling post-punk on occasion too. One to check out for sure. Also, the cover art is a spectacular 10/10.

+ Available as a Loser Edition on limited Blue colour vinyl.
Still House Plants

Ben Chasny releases the all-new Time is Glass LP on Drag City this week under his Six Organs of Admittance nom de plume. Plucked strings, whispered words and other timbres make for a really evocative listen. Pretty special stuff, this.

Glovemaker is the debut LP from Los Angeles singer songwriter Loren Kramar. The production is really epic and his voice, in particular, is full of swoon.

+ Available on limited Red colour vinyl.

Also this week. Dawn Chorus and the Infallible Sea return with Reveries on Sonic Cathedral. American Country singer Charley Crockett releases the swaggering $10 Cowboy. Kathryn Williams and Dan Willson (aka Withered Hand) collaborate on ‘Wilson Williams’ and they really sound great together. So Medieval is the highly anticipated debut from Blue Bendy which has now landed with us after getting caught up in the RSD fluster. Norwegian singer-songwriter Erlend Øye and the Italian band La Comitiva have collaborated on La Comitiva which has a really lush wooze to it. The soundtrack to BBC series This Town is released this week (on Clear vinyl), featuring the original songs written by Dan Carey, ESKA and Kae Tempest.

We finish up today with two absolutely glorious new releases that are going to share this week’s Record of the Week title.

Firstly, Behold is the first album in five years from Melbourne quartet, Parsnip. There are a lot of vintage psychedelic hues, a sort of bubbling baroque-pop. They can also drive pretty hard and the occasional freak out explosions are really thrilling too. Sweet, funny, hooky and utterly charming.

Now lastly, If I don’t make it, I love u is the new LP from London post-rock trio Still House Plants and it is something else! You could pick any 30 second section and write about entirely different influences or styles, but zooming out and listening to it as a whole, it is such a fierce and thrilling album and a very coherent one too. Dark, twisted, frenetic and yelping. So smart, this really is a special one.

Reissues include; Portishead, Neil Young with Crazy Horse, Canaan Amber, Witch, Soulwax and the great Chico Hamilton. We shall be sure to tell you more...

Dig in folks!