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Records of the Week: Kathryn Joseph, Spiritualized, Fontaines D.C., Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder, Hatchie, James Heather and Pip Blom.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Kathryn Joseph, Spiritualized, Fontaines D.C., Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder, Hatchie, James Heather and Pip Blom.

A gentle reminder that everyday is indeed a record shop day. 

Hello, Friends. 

Record of the Week is an absolute bruiser, the sort of record that has such supreme beauty that you let down your guard; it then pulls you in close and tells you the truth, turning you absolutely inside out. for you who are the wronged is the genuinely remarkable new album from Kathryn Joseph, an astonishing songwriter and a weaver of pure sonic magic. The intensity here is amazing and the songs are so skilled in their subtlety. Very highly recommended.

As you well know, Kathryn plays at Sea Change next month and we've got a feeling she is going to be an absolute devastator. If you want a remarkable listening experience, look out this absolute belter of an album now.

+ Available on limited 'Flesh' colour vinyl.

+ Kathryn also plays at the amazing Minack theatre in May, Tickets and info here.

Everything Was Beautiful is the ninth studio album from the always-vital Spiritualized and it is, unsurprisingly, absolutely glorious. In many ways a companion piece to 20018's And Nothing Hurt, it is so incredibly full, an orchestrated set with the most maximal production. We've only heard it in full twice so perhaps we're not really a coherent judge (also being such huge fans), but it sounds intrinsically Spiritualized-y, whilst Jason Pierce's ability to bring in a myriad of sonics so coherently is pretty miraculous.

We’ve got a feeling the more we play it the more we'll love it, it’s an honest and flourishing version of Spiritualized, got love them.

Spiritualized - Everything Was Beautiful

Skinty Fia is the bittersweet, provoking and totally enthralling third LP from Dublin post-punks, Fontaines D.C. Tell you what, it's absolutely massive. The energy is so nuanced, so many dark shades whilst remaining direct and propulsive. It really is a brilliant set of songs and deliveries, whilst the production (from Dan Carey) has distilled all of the energy into something utterly transfixing. That guy's ears, eh?!

+ Indie LPs are pressed on yellow OR red vinyl.

+ Deluxe is 2 x black heavyweight vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve with alternative artwork and printed inner sleeves. Includes 20-page lyric booklet.

The band very kindly signed a test pressing for us. Buy the album this week* and we'll enter you into the hat to win it in a draw. Visit our Instagram for no purchase necessary options.

* Yes, all of you preorder guys are in the mix too.

Fontaines D.C. - Skinty Fia

Giving The World Away is the assured second studio LP from Australian popstar Hatchie. Glossy, dark and alluring pop with the crunching, biting textures of shoegaze and indie rock.

+ Our Dinked Edition (171) sold out but we do have some very limited Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl copies left.

Longtime friends and collaborators (and Piedmont blues masters!) Taj Mahal & Ry Cooder have collaborated on a new studio set called Get On Board, a tribute to the equally iconic duo of Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee. 

If you have ten minutes, Nonesuch Records have released a video with Taj and Ry in conversation about the project with writer Lynell George. Watch that, here.

Contemporary pianist and composer James Heather releases his second album Invisible Forces on Ahead of Our Time, the label run by Ninja Tune founders Coldcut. Really great changes of pace to keep the free-flowing piano meditations bubbling, a really lush trip. Limited Purple vinyl pressing.

Break Me Open is the new LP from Wisconsin-based multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and Bon Iver collaborator S. Carey. Lots of lavish sounds in the mix, but all beautifully so, it's a masterclass in subtlety.

+ Indie LPs are pressed on Eco Teal Edition. 

The Power in Us is the debut LP from Poppy Ajudha. You'll all remember we went wild for her on the excellent Blue Note Re:imagined compilation, so hyped on this one. Her voice is amazing and the production is excellent too, an eclectic set.

Also this week; dark pop and Country tones from Irish singer CMAT on her fine debut If My Wife Knew I'd Be Dead and Sega Bodega returns with the dark and intoxicating Romeo.

Lastly today; an album we love, one that we have loved for a long time now and one that we've absolutely thrilled to finally have in the racks. After months of awfully bad luck in production, Pip Blom's totally fantastic second studio album, Welcome Break is with us and it is just in time for the spring air and long-night euphoria. Each song is so tightly wound in fluctuating joy and melancholia, it's a fresh and vitalised set of pop bangers.

We'll be on the socials chatting about RSD stock on Friday. There will be loads of date changes, but this is broadly what we're expecting.

- Drift