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Records of the Week: Pigs7, Anna B Savage, Unthank : Smith, Index for Working Musik, Orbital, Lowly and our man Dwyer.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Pigs7, Anna B Savage, Unthank : Smith, Index for Working Musik, Orbital, Lowly and our man Dwyer.

Loud and proud. A week of beautiful voices and incredible drives.

Hello, Friends.

We are kicking off this new week with an absolute belter. Rock band Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs return to Rocket Recordings with their fourth LP, Land Of Sleeper, and it is an absolute rollicker. The Newcastle metal band have long been one of our favourites, but it really does have to be said, there is something about their might and power in 2023 that is making every hair on our bodies stand up and the blood run cold (or hot? dunno, it’s a weird euphoric feeling). Land Of Sleeper really is something to behold, heavy and loud, but the way they bring elements of psychedelia and roots into the stoner metal is impressive, inventive and totally thrilling. Record of the Week and a proper baller.

+ Available on ‘Lucid Dreaming’ Orange colour vinyl.

in|FLUX is the new album from Anna B Savage, an artist that you’ll recall we have a lot of time for. Although a hugely impressive set of songs, this is all about her voice. Rich and powerful, never overforced as she sings so directly and honestly.

+ Available on exclusive Orange colour vinyl with a signed zine.

Nowhere And Everywhere is the collaborative debut from Unthank : Smith, that is Rachel Unthank and Paul Smith of Maximo Park. The North East duo also brought in David Brewis (Field Music) to co-produce for a proper NE celebration. A celebration of folk, stories and traditionalism but it really has a fresh air to it, more akin to the American folk revivalists. All beautifully understated.

John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer & Andres Renteria - Posh Swat

John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer & Andres Renteria - Posh Swat

Keep Up The Good Work is the new album from the Danish quintet Lowly. They have always had such a lush wooze to their production and this new album retains that, whilst really bringing the nuance of the instrumentation into sharper focus. It’s less hazy and way tighter. The vocals are particularly impressive, we’ve been enjoying this one.

Index for Working Musik is a new band lead by Max Oscarnold (also of The Proper Ornaments and TOY) and Nathalia Bruno. Dragging the Needlework for The Kids at Uphole is a dirgey and dark set of garage rockers that move up and down through the gears to great effect. Got a really nice vintage sound without directly sounding like anyone else.

+ Available on exclusive Blue colour vinyl with a signed print.

Electronic pioneers Orbital return with Optical Delusion, a new set recorded with guest contributions from Sleaford Mods, Penelope Isles, Anna B Savage, The Little Pest, Dina Ipavic, Coppe and perhaps most surprisingly, The Medieval Baebes! Loads of drive to it (Jason Williamson in particular giving a rapturous sneer), but also some quite glacial floats and plenty of 90s beats. Good stuff.

+ Available on limited double White colour vinyl.

Decca / Blue Note release a really superb compilation this week, focusing on the ever-nurturing Total Refreshment Centre. Impressively diverse whilst still so coherent as a set, with new school jazz, hip hop, dub, soul, funk, and drill; they’re all Transmissions from Total Refreshment Centre.

H.C. McEntire’s lush Every Acre is now with us on vinyl (including an exclusive Orange colour vinyl pressing). We’re expecting to have Avey Tare and dEUS land with us too, so a good excuse to check back in with us over the next few days.

Lastly, today, our main man Jon Dwyer has joined (supreme) forces with Ryan Sawyer & Andres Renteria for Posh Swat, an all percussion improvisation album. Hand percussion, homemade percussion and electronic percussion clash and collide under otherworldly weirdness and hallucinogenic drives. Weird, driving, enchanting, and getting spun on a loop this afternoon.

- Drift