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Records of the Week: Wet Leg, Jack White, Father John Misty, Kae Tempest, Whatever The Weather, Calexico and Folly Group.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Wet Leg, Jack White, Father John Misty, Kae Tempest, Whatever The Weather, Calexico and Folly Group.

An absolutely dazzling set of newness, all fighting (nicely) for time on the stereo.

Hello, Friends. 

Our Record of the Month for April is You Belong There, the absolutely beautiful full debut solo LP from Daniel Rossen of Grizzly Bear. Although ambitious in its scope and scale, there is such a beautiful intimacy to the songs. The arrangements go beyond being tasteful and create hypnotic and transportive headspaces. Absolutely lush.

+ Read more, watch some videos and cop that limited Gold vinyl pressing.

When a band appear seemingly out of nowhere with multiple, impeccable and totally irresistible singles, there is always the worry that the LP will buckle under the weight of expectation. Wet Leg's self-titled debut LP - our Record of the Week - is absolutely marvellous fun and well and truly justified of all the hype. Jacked up, funny and euphoric radio singles that sit perfectly in flow with the wonky and idiosyncratic bangers. Produced (in the majority) by Dan Carey, the album has a great flow and is just going to be everywhere! Rightfully so too.

+ Indie LPs are pressed on translucent yellow vinyl. 

Wet Leg - Wet Leg

Whatever The Weather is the absolutely sublime new self-titled project from London-based producer Loraine James.  In contrast to her club music sensibilities, Whatever The Weather embraces ambience through vocal experimentation and keyboard improvisations. The album works in degrees (°C), with subtle changes that movesthe timbres through a variety of club tones. This is such a brilliantly thoughtful album and it feels like it's living and changing as you listen to it, one to get lost in.

Fear of the Dawn is the fourth studio album from Jack White; rock and roller, founding member of The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather and mad director of Third Man industries. Although he sure clatters through some distortions, this one really is a varied and engaging beast. Absolutely full of ideas whist remaining weirdly focused throughout all the restless changes in tone and pace. Really good fun.

+ Available on very limited and quite amazing-looking Astronomical Blue vinyl pressing, only available at independent record stores.

Chloe and The Next 20th Century is the grandest version of Father John Misty yet. A huge, epic, grandiose and positively silver-screen experience. The pacing is just brilliant (especially his vocal delivery), moving from darkly funny through tender and bewitching. Anyone that successfully flirts with Harry Nilsson and still has us wanting to listen again is doing something very right!

+ Available on a really beautiful double LP pressing, also as a seriously lavish deluxe box edition.

Jack White - Fear of the Dawn

The Line Is A Curve is the gripping fourth album from songwriter and poet Kae Tempest. The way the tracks build across the release is really masterful, plenty of space but also a dynamic and evocative support for the pace and ferocity at which some of the vocals are delivered. It requires a good few listens to really tune into all of the nuances. Production is from frequent collaborator Dan Carey who seemingly can do no wrong!

+ Indie LPs are pressed on transparent orange vinyl. 
+ Deluxe CDs are housed in a mint-pack case.  

Tucson's Calexico return with their tenth studio LP El Mirador. Very much retains their Country tones, but there is a real lightness to a lot of this with flashes of almost kaleidoscopic Tropicália!

+ Available on a very limited Blue colour vinyl pressing.

Fantasy is the new down-tempo set from Montreal producer Jacques Greene. Lush synth tones and beats that really flutter, enjoying this a lot.

+ Pressed on Forest Green colour vinyl.

Midnight Rocker is a set of ten new recordings from the legendary Jamaican singer and longtime Massive Attack collaborator, Horace Andy. Produced by Adrian Sherwood, it really sounds mint. We're hoping to get more LP stock next week, keep your peepers peeled. 

Queens Of The Summer Hotel is the tenth studio LP from Aimee Mann. It was originally part of a planned stage musical adaptation of Girl, Interrupted. Her voice sounds fantastic,

After debuting online in instalments, Bronco is the dazzling new LP from Canadian country music artist Orville Peck. Another incredible voice, rich and really sounds like nothing else around.

Lastly today, Human and Kind is the new EP from the brilliant Folly Group. We've talked about them quite a bit over the last year or so, really highly recommended. The EP is pressed on Crystal Clear colour vinyl and all preorders/orders will go into the hat to win a signed test pressing.

New Reissues to be discussed soon from; Pavement, Jackie McClean, Sun Ra Arkestra & Salah Ragab and some excellent War Child compilations.

- Drift