RSD 2020 Drops

RSD 2020 Drops
Okay. Record Store Day this year is happening thrice. We covered that right?

The original list of exclusives that was released in March has been divided into three, and on three Saturdays (29th August, 26th September and 24th October) we'll be stocking those releases based on their new dates. 

+ You can download a list now from the UK Record Store Day website here.

We'll try and put out a list of which releases we expect to be stocking as soon as we can, but it is worth flagging up - especially with regards to our previous blog post - that we might very well not be physically open by then. We don't know, just flagging that we don't know. That is okay though, the rules are pretty squishy this year. It's about supporting us shops, the artists, labels and distributors how best we can.

If we're not comfortable opening at Drift, we wont and we'll pivot for 2020 over to an online model. I think we can sell them each day ay 9am.... or it might be 6pm now i've said that... one of the two, but we'll provide clearer information as we get closer.

Lets keep in touch.