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The Smile - You Will Never Work In Television Again / The Smoke

The Smile - You Will Never Work In Television Again / The Smoke

This Saturday, you're REALLY going to want to come and see us in the shop.

As you may well have already seen, The Smile (that is Thom Yorke, Jonny Greenwood and Tom Skinner) have pressed a very limited number of 7" singles to give physical life to the tracks 'You Will Never Work In Television' / 'The Smoke'. They are stunning looking things, available in hand-printed (by Richard Lawrence) and numbered sleeves, designed by Stanley Donwood and Thom Yorke.

Now before you tear-ass down here, we do not have them, but what we do have is a book of official lottery tickets for them. Come and see us on Saturday 12th March and we will give you one, for free. The tokens contain a unique number and QR code, this enters you into a raffle to win a copy that XL Recordings will be sending out to you directly. Pretty wow, right?!

The Smile

1. Again, we do not have the 7" singles.
2. You can have one raffle token per person (household). For free.
3. In-store, in-person only, no mail order on this one.
4. We open at 10am on Saturday; first come, first served.
5. We do not know what your chances are.
6. We also do not know how many copies have been pressed.
7. We're pretty sure that the draw is after 24th March.
8. There is no charge. The band are cool, the label are cool and the Drift is cool.

Do come and see us. As the band say; 'where work is more fun than fun'.