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Steve Gunn - Eyes On The Lines

Steve Gunn - Eyes On The Lines

Steve Gunn first came to our attention with his quite brilliant Time Off LP in 2013, winding and addictive guitar compositions with much wist. His 2015 follow up Way Out Weather, again on the (superb) Paradise of Bachelors label was a bold step towards using his voice more and was an LP we just hammered all year (our friends at Jumbo had it in fact as their 2015 album of the year).

The progression with Eyes On The Lines (his first with new label partner Matador) is quite brilliant. Laid back jams, still much space and experimentalism but it's his vocals that take the weight of the song. Steve Gunn will doubtless take you on a trip, there are few music makers who can tell stories, lock in grooves and blow your lid with just the wiggle of his fingers... turns out he can do it with his lyrics and vocals too.

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