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Angel Olsen - MY WOMAN

Angel Olsen - MY WOMAN

Like many other folk we first came across Angel Olsen via Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and her stunning vocals on the 'Island Brothers' and 'Wolfroy Goes to Town' releases. We went wild for her stark 'Half Way Home' LP and utterly overboard (album No. 21 of 2014) for her brilliant most recent outing 'Burn Your Fire for No Witness'... neither are a patch on the fever we have for her new album MY WOMAN. It is an absolute honest instant classic. Her voice is amazing, both frail and damaged but brash and tremendously commanding, a lot more swagger than on previous recordings. It is a lo-fi record with grunge and garage shapes, but throughout there is an evocative take on classic power pop charting the sixties right through the naughties. Thematically about love, from the explosive “shut up kiss me hold me tight” to the more maudlin and introspective moments of the album's last tracks. All so real and terribly vital. We love this album.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★