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Ariel Pink - Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Ariel Pink - Dedicated To Bobby Jameson

Record of the Week is a swirling concept LP from the brilliant musical mind of Ariel Pink.

Dedicated To Bobby Jameson, is dedicated to Bobby Jameson, the cult 1960's Californian singer who was hyped to unattainable levels and subsequently derailed by drugs and alcohol. But, as ever with Ariel, it's not that simple. The myths and hallucinogenic layers create a sort of gothic dream-pop where the story of Bobby Jameson and the character Ariel Pink blur into one. The music of Ariel Pink has never been short of ideas - he is undoubtedly brilliant - but this LP is him at his most focused in a very long time. Melancholic pop synth, sixties sunset pop and big ballads all through the mixer. There are moments of weird texture and direction, but without that, it wouldn't be as interesting, as weird and as totally... Ariel Pink?

+ We have a very limited edition blue vinyl pressing that is exclusive to indie retailers. We'll also put stickers and pin badges into all orders whilst they last.

Ariel Pink