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Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Wolf of the Cosmos

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - Wolf of the Cosmos

Thrilled are we this week to have a new Bonnie "Prince" Billy album for you all. 

Wolf of the Cosmos is a full album of covers, interpretations of Susanna's (Norwegian singer Susanna Karolina Wallumrød) Sonata Mix Dwarf Cosmos album. He's in quite the revisiting mood of late, releasing Merle Haggard songs (Best Troubadour) and also helming the collaborative Mekons tribute album on Drag City. Beautifully recorded with the Chijimihouse band (possibly Cheyenne Mize & Emmett Kelly), BPB's vocal is just perfect on this album, rarely seaming stretched and we just hung off every note. It gets daft to keep referring to him all the time as inimitable... but he is a one-off man!

A beautiful new addition to one of the most immaculate back catalogues... we love him.