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Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Hope Downs

Record of the Week is an album that we have been absolutely playing to death these last few weeks.

Melbourne's Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever release their first full-length LP on Sub Pop - Hope Downs - and it builds brilliantly on the hyper buzz EP's that have appeared in the last few years. They have always had a deliciously idiosyncratic take on sunny noodling guitar pop, but this full-length has heightened those skills and introduced plenty of melancholy to balance it all out. Loads of points of reference from Go-Betweens, Teenage Fanclub to Flying Nun (with driving layers of guitar lines) but nothing has sounded this new and breezy in a very long time. Real Estate Days maybe?

Tell you what, someone is gonna have to pull out all of the stops to release a more gratifying album this year than Rolling Blackouts CF.

+ Very very limited clear vinyl LOSER edition, do not miss out.

Rolling Blackouts C.F.