The Drift Record Shop is an independent Record Shop in the bucolic countryside town of Totnes (Devon). We primarily stock new music on a rolling schedule, but we are (deliberately) not definable by any specific set of genres of themes. We obviously categorise things around the shop, but what we're getting at is that we are as likely to be championing left field minimal tech house as we are home recorded roots music from the Appalachian Mountains... we just really like listening to something new and stocking it in the shop for you all to get turned onto.

We have been in Totnes in one form or another since the mid 1990's. These days we occupy a pretty handsome double shop space at the very top of the hill. We also spend a lot on time here tending to the online shop. We are family owned, family run and supported by a small team of equally music-obsessed staff. If you have any questions, hit us here, we'll try and set you straight.

We are primarily interested in having as much fun as we can. We run a newspaper called Deluxe that you can pick up for free in record shops around the World and in 2016 started a festival called Sea Change.

You're going to want to come and see us....


Nice things that have been said about us;

* Nominated "Indie Champions" at the 2015 AIM Awards

* Nominated for the Music Week 2013, 2015 and 2016 'Best Independent Retailer'

* Picked by Jude Rogers as one of the 
'Independent record shops: 10 of the best in Britain' in The Guardian

* "the displays of current staff favorites are refreshed on an almost-fanatical basis. Then there's the shop's treasure trove of vinyl-- row upon row of expertly selected discs and long-sold-out collector's items." - Pitchfork

* “The local record shop, Drift, is mind-bogglingly great: the kind of place that you'd think was amazing if you found it in New York" - John Harris, The Guardian

Drift. April 2015, photogrpahed by Dom Moore.