Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

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Boards of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest

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FormatCD & LP
Released10th June
Catalogue WARPCD257

LP comes with a download code.

In a year that has seen new albums already by David Bowie and My Bloody Valentine, we are equally as excited by the news that Boards of Canada make a very welcome return this June with a new album on Warp.

To date, all of Boards of Canada's mysterious puzzle pieces have only been released in audio form. But last night* during Cartoon Network's Toonami block, they aired a 90-second commercial. (This was confirmed as legit by the network's Jason DeMarco.) Their longest reveal yet delivered the same numbers that were aired on NPR's "All Songs Considered", "699742". The ad also revealed that they belong at the beginning of the code sequence, which now looks like this: 699742 / 628315 / 717228 / 936557 / "”"” / 519225. Watch it below.

01. Gemini
02. Reach For The Dead
03. White Cyclosa
04. Jacquard Causeway
05. Telepath
06. Cold Earth
07. Transmisiones Ferox
08. Sick Times
09. Collapse
10. Palace Posy
11. Split Your Infinities
12. Uritual
13. Nothing Is Real
14. Sundown
15. New Seeds
16. Come To Dust
17. Semena Mertvykh

A1. Gemini
A2. Reach For The Dead
A3. White Cyclosa
A4. Jacquard Causeway
B1. Telepath
B2. Cold Earth
B3. Transmisiones Ferox
B4. Sick Times
B5. Collapse
C1. Palace Posy
C2. Split Your Infinities
C3. Uritual
C4. Nothing Is Real
C5. Sundown
D1. New Seeds
D2. Come To Dust
D3. Semena Mertvykh

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