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Brittany Howard - Jaime


FormatCD & LP
Released20th September 2019
Catalogue 19075976351
Barcode 190759763513

Brittany Howard, frontwoman with the band Alabama Shakes, releases her debut solo album, Jaime.

Available on CD, LP and two special editions.
+ High Street Only LP on Sandstone Coloured vinyl
+ Indies Only LP+7"  on Sandstone Coloured vinyl

Named after her sister, who passed away when both were teenagers, Brittany says,  “The title is in memoriam, and she definitely did shape me as a human being.  But, the record is not about her. It’s about me. I’m pretty candid about myself and who I am and what I believe. Which is why I needed to do it on my own.”

Brittany's  band includes Alabama Shakes bassist Zac Cockrell, jazz keyboardist Robert Glasper and Grammy-nominated drummer Nate Smith. They worked on material she then brought into engineer Shawn Everett’s Los Angeles studio. The result was her first solo album.

The inspiration came from a reflective drive from Nashville to California. “I turned 30 and I was like, ‘What do I want the rest of my life to look like?' Do I want to play the same songs until I’m 50 and then retire, or do I do something that’s scarier for me? Do I want people to understand me and know me, do I want to tell them my story? I’m very private, but my favorite work is when people are being honest and really doing themselves.”

1 History Repeats 
2 He Loves Me
3 Georgia
4 Stay High
5 Tomorrow
6 Short and Sweet
7 13th Century Metal
8 Baby
9 Goat Head
10 Presence
11 Run To Me
12 Stay High
13 History Repeats

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