CMF - Soundtrack For An Empty Room

  • CMF - Soundtrack For An Empty Room

CMF - Soundtrack For An Empty Room


FormatCD & LP
Released22nd November 2019
Catalogue ITR335
Barcode 759718533514

Charles Moothart  releases his third album under the moniker CFM.  Soundtrack For An Empty Room follows 2016’s 'Still Life Of Citrus And Slime' and 2017’s 'Dichotomy Desaturated'. Moothart is a frequent contributor on Ty Segall’s solo ventures but also as a co-conspirator in bands like the blazing jam unit Fuzz, and a fantastic monster of a group called GØGGS, which throws Segall and Moothart in with Chris Shaw of Ex-Cult. Something that’s immediately apparent on this album is that it’s a harder record than its predecessors. The shift isn’t subtle but it is tremendously cool. A lot of the material was written while Moothart was on tour with Segall and working on the GØGGS 'Pre Strike Sweep' album. The first two CFM efforts gave Moothart the experience of work effectively on his own in the studio, the live shows infuse this with the confidence and attitude that comes from nights playing where there are no second takes. It is an exciting follow up and further proof that Moothart is one of those people with a lot of music in him.

“If I may speak completely for myself. It’s musicians like Charles, Ty, Chris Shaw, John Dwyer, Tim Presley and Mikal Cronin who are not only revitalizing Independent Music, but have forced the idea of the monolithic album, endless tour and then a year before another release to be but an antiquated and megaboring option. It’s a blast trying to keep up with their output. Super exciting. Lastly, all three CFM albums are great but Soundtrack To An Empty Room is the best one. It rips from start to finish.” —Henry Rollins

1. Black Cat
2. Sequence
3. Street Vision
4. Greenlight
5. Lovely
6. Crashing Through The Static
7. Soundtrack To An Empty Room
8. River
9. Peace

Artist CMF
LabelIn The Red
Filed Under Rock & Psych & Garage