Drift Records Present - The Drift Collective

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Drift Records Present - The Drift Collective

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Catalogue DFT006

Eleven exclusive tracks from the Drift family and friends.

After a year of doing their very best to release albums and bands, Drift decided to put out an entire roster based album, highlighting the collaborative talents of a cohesive group of musicians. Bands morph and re-group across it's eleven tracks, taking in tape music, folk, twee, bedroom, electronica and as close to durge as a 'folk label compilation' has ever managed.

Some artists followed with full albums, some remain undiscovered treasures, the Drift label though did certainly meet new friends.

1. Birdengine - i, dancing bear (3:01)
2. The R.G.Morrison - In meadows (2:43)
3. Gale Fingers - Moving home is never easy (2:30)
4. Nada - More custard (3:55)
5. Cottonmouth Rocks - Racetrack (suite suiteside remix) (3:09)
6. Tandy Hard - Hurricaine (3:47)
7. Thirty Pounds of Bone - In Search of oil (5:26)
8. Matt Eaton - Too scared to fly (2:21)
9. Muntjac Deer - Handsome friends (3:04)
10. Mary Hampton - Eros (7:05)
11. The Great Park - Paper birds (4:41)

Inventive, imaginative and different; long may they collect together - Record Collector

The Drift Family provide a near-miraculous glimmer of frail, reflective humanity in a bullshit-filled world - The Word

The Drift Collective is well named - a significant rump of artists distributed across its 11 tracks reappearing elsewhere in supporting roles, lending proceedings a communal, campfire air. Gently eccentric - Mojo

as gorgeous as it is quirky - Observer Music Monthly

fantastic - Time Out

Down at the roots of British folk, strange things continue to stir. 'Shine your shiny car lights on me, boy!' - Smart - The Observer

There's little background information on the sleeve so the music is rightly allowed to stand on it's own merits. I want to hear more from these people - Rock 'N' Reel

Drift Records have assembled a strong roster that manages to embrace the past while retaining an ironic distance, forging new paths out of the acoustic tradition - Is this Music?

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