• Fuzz - III
October 23rd 2020 / LP or CD / In The Red
“The focus is squarely on the trio’s elemental strengths: brontosaurus-sized riffs, maximal choogle, and Segall’s acidic melodies.”




Our 2020 Record of the Year is III, the third album from the collaborative limbs of Ty Segall, Charles Moothart and Chad Ubovich as Fuzz. Strap in.

It is a huge return from the proto-metal trio - their first release in five years - and one that in many ways sees the band returning to the very core of their collective powers.
2020 Exclusive 'Record of the Year' Edition
+ Transparent green vinyl
+ Numbered A3 Risograph poster
+ Custom Fuzz petrol eggshell sticker
+ Custom Fuzz ivory guitar pick
Whereas their second album (2015’s II) stretched the band’s sound in different directions through extended jams, space-rock odysseys, psychedelic flourishes and swapping of roles, this third record is the band distilled down to pure raw-power, and utilising their strengths to glorious effect. They all have a role - on this occasion Charles Moothart does the riff heavy-lifting with layers of gnarled guitar, bassist Chad Ubovich drives the rhythm ever forward, and Ty Segall pounds the drums, whilst yelping and screaming down the microphone - and it is startlingly clear that this is recorded live and that they are having a lot of fun. The album was taped live-off-the-floor by Steve Albini, and his overdub-resistant style brings a rawness to proceedings. As Moothart holds back, stamping pedals and lining up the next epic solo, you can hear how muscular and tense the rhythm section is as it rumbles away underneath. Albini’s cantankerous presence keeps things focused, bringing punch to the songs whilst keeping them tight and propulsive (with half of the album’s eight tracks clocking in at little over three minutes). Although fuzzy, fast-paced and ferocious, across the album there are plenty of changes of pace, certainly enough to keep you locked in as they rip through svelte riffs and extravagant solos, and settle into black-metal glam-stompers.

This is a fantastic collection of songs, with hooks and riffs that you won't shake out of your head for days. The recording is spontaneous and full of life as they rip through the set with visceral live power. Gripping and above all else, a lot of fun.
Format /LP or CD
Released /October 23rd 2020
Catalogue / ITR348GV
Barcode / 759718534818
Artist / Fuzz
Label /In The Red
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