Holy Fuck - Bird Brains

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  • Holy Fuck - Bird Brains

Holy Fuck - Bird Brains

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Released27th October 2017
Catalogue IL1188V
Barcode 191773768386

Bird Brains is a four song collection from Holy Fuck, recorded live at various studios over the past few years.

10" - Limited to 500 Copies.

They represent the ongoing creative process of a band whose members live in different cities (in both Canada and the US) yet insist their music should be a collaborative process. These four songs aim to capture the raw energy of four people, not apart as bedroom producers, but together as a spirited exchange of ideas, a dynamic interaction that comes from years of friendship. While Bird Brains was largely self-produced, a few very talented Engineers / Producers aided greatly in that process, including Shawn Everett (John Legend, Warpaint, Alabama Shakes), who recorded the song Chains at The Banff Centre for the Arts, and David Wrench (Caribou, FKA Twigs, The XX) who mixed the song New Dang.

Artist Holy Fuck
Filed Under Indie & Alternative