Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs

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  • Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs

Jim O'Rourke - Simple Songs

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FormatCD & LP
Released18th May
Catalogue DC620CD
Barcode 781484062028

2015 and the silence has been broken with ‘Simple Songs’. Jim O’Rourke is ready to talk to you again with his first pop album since 2001. ‘Simple Songs’ is an amazing record of musical song entertainment because Jim O’Rourke knows what he wants and how to get it.

The range of sounds and songs that have turned Jim’s head are numerous enough to have crushed together into something that is unmistakably his. The music is played so immaculately by so many instruments and most of them by the creator’s hand. ‘Simple Songs’ was worked over, from source material to finished mix, for five years or more now. Jim’s writing is rooted in the approach of ‘Insignificance’ - frosted pop tarts that leave a darkly bitter aftertaste.

Let ‘Simple Songs’ seep into your brain, as a musical expression and a statement of animal motherhood. It may help you get your bearings in a world gone hopeless.

Friends With Benefits
That Weekend
Half Life Crisis
Hotel Blue
These Hands
Last Year
End Of The Road
All Your Love
Artist Jim O'Rourke
LabelDrag City
Filed Under Indie & Alternative