My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

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  • My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

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Catalogue 88697312112

The original studio album has been painstakingly re-mastered by Kevin Shields at Metropolis Studios in London and comes as a 2-disc set featuring a previous re-mastering from original analogue tapes, completed by Kevin Shields but never released.

This is one of those classic rock albums with reams already written about it. It was culled from endless, deliberately disorientating late night sessions, it's author Kevin Shields using sleep deprivation as a tool for inspiration. It drove the record company, Creation into despair, and nearly bankrupted them at the same time. It caused the band itself to implode and they never recorded another note again. And that was 12 years ago. It was a massive favourite of critics and fans (and Piccadilly Records!) and spawned a whole slew of imitators. Then: silence. So you can add 'mystery', 'myth' and 'legend' to that classic rock list! But what does it sound like? Swathes of noise wash over you, smother you, (get the headphones on! Come on!) whilst pretty melodies constantly bubble to the surface. Way down low, murky dance beats (for this was 1990/91) pull, whilst up in the heavens Belinda (Kevin's girlfriend and the perfect singer for his songs) coos like an ethereal, blissed out siren, just out of reach. The songs are top drawer but it's the sound that will pull you under. Like a jet plane taking off, but with Bacharach and David beckoning you through the din, it's the perfect marriage of noise and melody. A true, one-off, masterpiece. PERFECTION!!!

Disc 1 - Re-master From Original Tape
Disc 2 - Mastered From Original Î_ Inch Analogue Tapes

1. Only Shallow
2. Loomer
3. Touched
4. To Here Knows When
5. When You Sleep
6. I Only Said
7. Come In Alone
8. Sometimes
9. Blown A Wish
10. What You Know
11. Soon

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