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School of X - Armlock


FormatCD & LP
Released29th May 2020
Catalogue TAMB273CD
Barcode 7332181099287

School of X is the new project from Rasmus Littauer, Mø’s drummer and musical director. His debut LP Armlock finds a really great space between indie and shimmering pop.

On Armlock Mø’s drummer and musical director refines his emotional indie pop into an adventurous sound that resonates with indie aficionados and wider audiences alike.

School of X is on a creative roll at the moment: In November 2019 the EP Destiny was released – a collection of very personal and intimate songs. Earlier this year artists like Trentemøller, Vera, Varnrable, and more, reimagined the songs taken from Destiny on Interpretations of Destiny. While all this was going on, Rasmus was recording and producing his debut LP Armlock.

The album opens with the bombastic and desperate-sounding cut “Where do I start” and spans across alt-pop gems like lead single “Collarbone (feat. Lord Siva)” and “Forgot Me on the Moon” to hugely intimate ballads like “Flowers”,. “Parking Lot” and the heartbreaking closing track “Blood Flow”. In other words the new album bridges the explosive indie pop from 2017’s debut EP Faded.Dream and the minimalistic intensity of last years’ Destiny and ultimately reflects a rapidly developing artist very much in command of his own expression.

“They’re definitely love songs. But they’re about moving on (together or separately), maturing from the experience, and actually ending up in a better place,” says Rasmus Littauer about the overarching theme on his new album and moves on to talking about how the record came to life. “This time I’ve included other artists in both the recording and writing process which has been so good for me and my own process. I’ve always been collaborating with lots of artists, as a session musician, co-writer or in other bands. But I honestly also have issues with not being in control why School of X has been less collaborative historically. But with Armlock I found it so fulfilling to have my friends and colleagues record and pitch in with creative ideas that I could filter, adapt, refine, and merge with songs on my own”

The School of X moniker is inspired by Eksskole - a Copenhagen-based anti-establishment arts collective in Copenhagen in the 1960s. Alongside his work with School of X, Rasmus Littauer has toured the world these past 7 years as the musical director and drummer for MØ and also worked with acts such as Liss, Clairo and more.

1. Where Do I Start
2. Bad Love
3. Believe It
4. Parking Lot
5. Forgot Me On The Moon
6. Collarbone (feat. Lord Siva)
7. 7. Flowers
8. Rivers
9. Blood Flow

Artist School of X
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