Sonic Youth - Murray Street

  • Sonic Youth - Murray Street

Sonic Youth - Murray Street


Released15th July 2016
Catalogue 4749182
Barcode 0602547491824

Not just our favourite Sonic Youth LP, but one of your favourite albums of the last few decades. A classic.

Sonic Youth's 14th album, and first to feature Jim O'Rourke as a permanent member. "Murray Street" is a return to a more song-based sound after 2000's largely improvised "NYC Ghosts & Flowers". A set of epic 60s inspired rock with complex interwoven guitar parts and the usual avant-garde flourishes. Featuring new bassist Jim O'Rourke, the album was named after the location of their studio. This is a nod to their past glories and also a preview of their future, and O'Rourke's involvement has added a rich new experimental texture to their already accomplished sound.

1. The Empty Page
2. Disconnection Notice
3. Rain On Tin
4. Karen Revisited
5. Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style
6. Plastic Sun
7. Sympathy For The Strawberry

Artist Sonic Youth