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Esben and the Witch at Drift

Early next month (September 8th) Esben and the Witch release their third album, A New Nature, their first on their own Nostromo Records. They are clearly stoked at the results as they let us have a listen early and we're really into it. It's was recorded by the "well-worn, expert hands" of Steve Albini at his Chicago Electrical Audio studio and sounds like a band doing exactly what they want to. Not in terms delivery, but there is a certain Mark Hollis vibe going on. They are constructing just the right amount of decadence and it's a really strong album.

Good news for the locals, the band will be coming to Totnes in the week of it's release to play live at the shop. Come join us, they might well sign a copy for you.

Wednesday 10th September - Evening.