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Drift Sunday Digest: 14th March 2021

Drift Sunday Digest: 14th March 2021

Here are your treats from the archives and reviving tonics.

Hello, Friends. 

As we mentioned on our Records of the Week newsletter this week, to celebrate the release of Mirry, we spoke to her nephew Geoffrey Drage, the man who lovingly recorded and preserved hundreds of stereoscopic slides, super-8 films, photographs, stories, poems and further recordings some seventy years ago.

The feature is in the new issue of Delxue and we have also made it available to read online.

Karen Dalton

Like many people, we are huge fans of Karen Dalton's enchanting and quite unmistakable voice. We've also, like many people, only ever seen a few dozen photos of her. We were absolutely amazed earlier this week when Jesse Jarnow of WFMU tweeted out a VIDEO of Karen Dalton playing live in 1971. The five tracks are just amazing live cuts from the Swiss Golden Rose Pop Festival and seeing her move was such a treat. Aquarium Drunkard caught this too and wrote up a few words here.

I think i've watched these five songs about a dozen times this week already, very highly recommended. 

+ Karen Dalton. Casino de Montreux Golden Rose Pop Festival [Watch Now]
+ Aquarium Drunkard [Read More]
Karen Dalton - 1966 [Shop Now]

One for your diary folks. Saturday 27 March at 6pm EST (I think that's 10pm over here), Godspeed You! Black Emperor will stream G_d’s Pee AT STATE’S END! in full. 


It will be a visual album event, presenting concert film projections in an official capacity for the first time in the band’s 25-year history. GY!BE filmmakers/projectionists Karl Lemieux and Philippe Leonard set up their six 16mm analog projectors in an empty Cinema Imperial in Montréal, spooling dozens of film loops and short reels for a hallmark Godspeed concert experience, set to the band’s new recording.

+ Announcement film [Watch Now]
+ Event Info [Read More]

Angostura Bitters

Photo via careynotcarrie on the excellent r/cocktails Reddit channel.

Lastly this week, have you ever wondered why the label on the Angostura Bitters bottle is kind of... Squiffy Well, we did and it turns out that - in short - it was committee thinking. Read more about Dr. Johann Siegert's wonderful bitters and that iconic label on the I'm A Useless Info Junkie website here.

Big shout out to Mrs S Morrison for showing the tenacity to follow this up for me. Love to all the mothers today, try six dashes of Angostura in orange juice on ice for a delicious reviver.

Enjoy your Sunday!

- Drift