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Mix | Drift'in with Paul Hillery

Mix | Drift'in with Paul Hillery

Paul Hillery, a heathen, conceivably, but not we hope, an unenlightened one, is the man behind the acclaimed BBE release 'We Are The Children Of The Sun' and curator at 'Folk Funk & Trippy Troubadours'.

To celebrate the release of Once Again We Are the Children of the Sun on BBE this week, we asked Paul to put together a deep dive mix for us. Handpicked and commingled for us specially, this is some high energy. Hit play and float folks.

Paul is gaining a reputation for his continued deep digging and archival of lost music and built long-standing relationships with artists with a mission to give them the exposure they deserve.

Various Artists - Once Again We Are The Children Of The Sun

Paul has carried his record boxes to many a venue, playing alongside The Polyphonic Spree, Arthur Lee & Love, Bonnie Dobson, Spiritualized, 4 Hero, Happy Mondays, Simian, The Bees, Julian Cope, Courtney Pine and many, many more. He has also graced the turntables at Spiritland, Refuge, Festival No.6, Lunar Festival, Edinburgh Festival, Psychemagik's Magik Forest and countless more venues and events. Tracks from his compilations have been played on Gilles Peterson, Guy Garvey, and Lauren Laverne's BBC 6 Music shows, and also featured highly placed in many best-of-the-year charts.

So gather together beneath the sun as we journey through the rhythmic sands of time as Paul Hillery presents his follow-up to the highly acclaimed BBE Music compilation 'We Are The Children Of The Sun'.

The compilation is a shimmering collection of rare finds, reminding us that we have more to connect us than drive us apart. The music encompasses a broad range of sounds, starting in Cajun country with Will & James Ragar, their handmade acoustic guitars allowing for soaring vocals. Along with many of the tracks featured on this compilation, 'As the Day Grows Tired' is reissued on vinyl for the first time.

Experience the previously unreleased cover of 'Milk and Honey' featuring Kat Barnard and Greg Foat, a versatile mainstay of the UK jazz scene. Discover the first-ever vinyl release of 'Kayenta Crossing' by William Eaton Ensemble, capturing the austere presence of Monument Valley. Immerse yourself in the Wendy Grace jazz-folk masterpiece 'More Than Hope' and chill to the acoustic ambience of 'Golden Hour' by Aria Rostami.

Paul Hillery and BBE Music present a compilation of styles and genres, fusing together to make private press wants accessible and act as a springboard for further listening pleasures. 'Once Again We Are the Children of the Sun' is an eclectic selection mixing styles, year and tempo, painstakingly gathered and presented with a great deal of love.


A heathen, conceivably, but not I hope, an unenlightened one / Lord Summerisle
So Good When It Comes / Scott McGregor Moore
Make Believe / Jim LaMarche, Theresa Moylan, Music Industry Arts
Come and Take Me by the Hand / Varela
Mystery Man / Trisha Watts
Rainfall / Jennie Rylatt
Song Of Bliss / Singh Kaur
Sunday Morning / Pixie Lauer
Blue Sunny Sky Day / Wendy Grose
Fields Of Green / Carm Mascarenhas
Friends / Gene Hood
Melting Pot / Will & James Ragar
The Ballad Of Ho Chi Minh / Michael Glick
What Goes Around / Bob Stegner
Song To You In The Morning / Broken Bow
Beauty Raise The Tree / Len Udow
Golden Hour / Aria Rostami
Cherry Blossom Oak / Christian Besa Wright
Wet Dreams / Floyd Hunchback Group
Nur Gitarre / Beşçay + Jochen Schrumpf
The Shadows Dance / Graeme Gash
Over & Over / Andy Davis
Silly Minded People / Benjamin Hugg
Mr Sadness / Eik
Waco / Frank Pyne & Loon Saloon
Morning Brings The Light / Grand Union
Fate (Demo) / Bugatti & Musker
If Life Was A Ferris Wheel / Mark Capanni
Sun / Gregory Paul
Weepin' / Cascada
More Than Hope / Wendy Grace