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Records of the Week: black midi, Masayoshi Fujita, Bachelor, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Mustafa, FACS, CHAI and Portico Quartet.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: black midi, Masayoshi Fujita, Bachelor, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Mustafa, FACS, CHAI and Portico Quartet.

Closing out May ‘21 with a truly formidable week of musical delights.

Hello, Friends. 

Drift Record of the Week and already hogging the stereo; black midi return with Cavalcade, a wildly inventive and idiosyncratic new album. It's mega, such a trip. Whereas Schlagenheim was all about wild and unhinged energy, Cavalcade is much more considered. Don't get us wrong, they really get wild, but it's the first example of them really flexing their creative muscles with challenging and thrillingly weird music. It won't be for everyone, but if you want a ride, we couldn't recommend this one more highly.

Also, it's out TODAY. Hit the Drift site now as we're going to pop a last few copies of the picture disc edition online.

Masayoshi Fujita returns on Erased Tapes with Bird Ambience and it is absolutely stunning. You know that we really adore Masa (he made everyone cry one year at Sea Change), but this new LP is so special. Without losing his signature vibes, he has subtly moved the key instrument to the marimba and augmented it with drums, percussion, synths and a tape recorder. It is subtle and flows like nature, it's just glorious.

+ Indie LP is Clear vinyl. 

Bachelor is the new project from Melina Duterte (Jay Som) and Ellen Kempner (Palehound) and Doomin’ Sun is their debut LP. Dream pop vibes but with some really lush gestures into prickly, fuzzy guitar atmospherics. Features guest appearances by members of Big Thief and Chastity Belt.

+ The release was our 110th Dinked Edition and we're delighted to make a last handful available now, on stunning Sun Red and Orange Galaxy colour vinyl.

Bachelor Doomin’ Sun

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard release L.W. this week, following their sixteenth studio album K.G (the second volume in the band's previous explorations into microtonal tunings). It's very much the second part of a double album in that way and continues their remarkable ability to sound inescapably 'King Gizz-ish', whilst finding new and ever weird sonics.

+ Indie LP is gator green vinyl.
+ If you are waiting on KG&TLW bootleg editions, worth flagging that the dates are changing all over the place.

Present Tense is the hard and fast new LP from the Chicago industrialists FACS on Trouble In Mind. Far from easy-going, but this really does have some pound to it!

Toronto-based, Muslim poet and songwriter Mustafa details his debut project When Smoke Rises via his own Regent Park Songs. Raw and emotional themes of gun violence, but his delivery is so assured and really smooth. Gone back to this a few times, it's really good.

+ Indie LP is Dark Green vinyl

Portico Quartet release Terrain via Gondwana Records, three long-form tracks taking influence from American Minimalism, Japanese Ambient and their signature sound that has been such a mainstay in the shop over the years. 

Toronto duo Ducks Ltd release their debut EP Get Bleak on Carpark Records. Lush jangles, right up our street, we're going to keep our eyes on these guys.

+ Limited Clear vinyl pressing.

WINK is the bubbling new album from Nagoya's own CHAI. Whereas they have erupted with riffs and hooks on their previous releases, this is way more mellow and is dialled into their newfound love of crafts and RnB. Good vibes, loads to explore.

+ This first pressing is pressed on Red, White & Blue hi-melt on clear vinyl.

 Masayoshi Fujita Bird Ambience

Hip-hop trio 81355 (pronounced "bless") is a meeting of the minds between three pillars of the Indianapolis music scene; Sirius Blvck, Oreo Jones, and Sedcairn Archives. This Time I'll Be of Use is out on Justin Vernon and Aaron & Bryce Dessner's 37d03d label.

Veteran Japanese producer Shigeru Ishihara (aka DJ Scotch Egg) has been assembling serrated, genre-busting ear bleeders for almost two decades. Tewari is the first release under his new Scotch Rolex title (named after the popular Ugandan street food, so you know).

Also this week; Hooveriii (pronounced "Hoover Three") releases the swampy and addictive Water For The Frogs via The Reverberation Appreciation Society. Limited Pink / Blue vinyl pressing. Proper awe-inspiring avant-rock instrumentals from Fly Pan Am with Frontera on Constellation. Lou Barlow (founding member of both Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh) releases the warm and crackling new solo LP Reason to Live. Limited Light Blue vinyl pressing on this one. Good-time country rock vibes from Blackberry Smoke with You Hear Georgia. This one has a limited double Marble Yellow & Red vinyl pressing. Plant Test is an indie-exclusive, black vinyl release of field recordings by Sports Team, featuring live takes, demos and rarities. Life's a beach is a set of sun-drenched, wonky pop-bangers from easy life. We have a very limited Red vinyl pressing.

Metronomy release a very limited 12" of Mandibules, the main theme music of the new French movie of the same name by Quentin Dupieux aka Mr Oizo. This is such a beautifully inventive track, drenched in outsider analogue tones. It's just lovely, quite perfect actually.

Lastly today, Moon-Drenched is the second sonic-searching opus from John Dwyer, Ryan Sawyer, Peter Kerlin, Tom Dolas, Brad Caulkins, Kyp Malone, Marcos Rodriguez, Ben Boye, Joce Soubiran, Laena Myers-Ionita, & Andres Renteria, the same crew that brought us the boundary-pushing improvisations on last year's glorious Bent Arcana LP. There are sections that float and meander, there are sections that lock into low-key Motoriks and there are sections that focus on the space and understanding in between. This really is bold, inventive and hugely gratifying stuff. We know, that you know, that we're huge Dwyer fans, but this really is special stuff.

A really good set of not-new releases this week too, we'll chat more tomorrow about Can, PJ Harvey and David Bowie. All online now.

Enjoy the light!

- Drift