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Records of the Week: Bogdan Raczynski, Midlake, Cassandra Jenkins, Pictish Trail, Mattiel and Ben Lukas Boysen.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Bogdan Raczynski, Midlake, Cassandra Jenkins, Pictish Trail, Mattiel and Ben Lukas Boysen.

We avoided the temptation to discuss Guinness and make the background colour green.

Hello, Friends.

High vibes from Devon today as Planet Mu presents ADDLE, the first album of new music in fifteen years from Bogdan Raczynski. A full change of gear from the high-energy of his revered Rephlex releases, ADDLE is stripped back to free-floating ambience. It bubbles along deliciously, it's almost like his techno is played out in slow motion, just glorious. Record of the Week.

+ Available on a very limited double White vinyl pressing.

Another huge return (in these parts especially) this week with Denton's finest sons Midlake releasing For the Sake of Bethel Woods, their first release (collectively) in some nine years. The album is inspired by the vast dairy farm in Bethel, New York that hosted the 1969 Woodstock festival. Inspired by those days of free-thought (with keyboardist/flautist Jesse Chandler’s father gracing the cover, based on a flash of the then sixteen year old in the Woodstock film), it is a richly sentimental set without sounding like a revivalist dress-up. John Congleton's production is excellent, so much density without sounding muddled. It is a different Midlake to the one that released Antiphon in 2013, but the spirit of the band remains vivid through the haze. Pretty lush.

+ Our exclusive indie edition is pressed on 180g Cream colour vinyl.

Midlake - For the Sake of Bethel Woods

Last year's An Overview on Phenomenal Nature from New Yorker Cassandra Jenkins was a huge part of our year; the 90th Dinked Edition in February, one of the year’s most-played and doubtless an album of the year. This week, we’re really excited to bring you (An Overview on) An Overview on Phenomenal Nature, a collection of previously unreleased sonic sketches, initial run-throughs, demos, and sound recordings from the cutting room floor that provided the scaffolding for that beautiful LP. 

+ The LP is pressed on limited Grey colour vinyl.
+ An Overview on Phenomenal Nature is back in stock on Aquamarine colour vinyl.

Island Family is the fifth album from Isle-of-Eigg dwelling electro-acoustic psych-pop wonder Pictish Trail, AKA Johnny Lynch. Brilliantly structured mini ballads and pop bangers with maximal and hugely inventive arrangements. It's a really fun record, sounds like a million things at once, his voice sounds especially rich.

+ Indie LPs are pressed on green vinyl.
+ ‘Being here still feels like a dream’ - Read Jude Rogers' brilliant interview with Johnny in The Guardian.

Mattiel return this week with the witty and gratifying Georgia Gothic. Shaped in the quiet seclusion of a woodland cabin in the north of the Atlanta duo’s mother-state, it's a great mix of lo-fi and richly buzzing rock 'n' roll. Such good swagger.

+ Indie LPs are pressed on picture disc vinyl (due in June).
+ Standard LPs are pressed on hot red vinyl.

Ben Lukas Boysen releases Clarion on Erased Tapes, a new EP that expands on his excellent 2020 Mirage LP. A couple of all-new tracks and a set of remixes from Kiasmos, Foodman and Mogwai. Really lush drive, the master of the slow build.

Blue States release World Contact Day on Memphis Industries, an album inspired by the day each year on which UFO fan society The International Flying Saucer Bureau tries to contact alien life-forms. A wistful little treasure, this one.

+ Pressed on exclusive Cream colour vinyl.

Also this week; Back In Black is the tenth studio album from hip-hop icons Cypress HillHomesick is the eagerly-anticipated return of London band Sea Girls and we have limited Yellow colour vinyl editions. This week's biggest popper is Charli XCX with CRASH. Really wild list of collaborators in the mix.

As we mentioned earlier this week, our March Record of the Month from Huerco S. is also in the house. Plonk is an absolute masterclass in slowly evolving ambient music, amazing and sometimes unintelligible textures that whirl around like a symphony. Very special stuff.

Lastly today, heading out the door as we speak is Lieve, the glorious return of Holy Other. This is the return of one of the UK's most important electronic music makers and we were so thrilled to work with him on a Dinked Edition. Just look at it!!!

- Drift