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Records of the Week: North Americans, Wednesday, deathcrash, Shana Cleveland, Teleman, Daughter and Blondshell.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: North Americans, Wednesday, deathcrash, Shana Cleveland, Teleman, Daughter and Blondshell.

A serious set of new goods as we head into the long weekend.

Hello, Friends.

On the wall and often on the stereo is Long Cool World, the new LP from North Americans. It really is sublime stuff. It’s our April Record of the Month and you can read a little more and watch some videos here.

+ Available on a lush-looking ‘Cream’ colour vinyl pressing.

Record of the Week is Rat Saw God, the new LP from North Carolina’s Wednesday… A fuzzed out quartet who might very well be your new favourite band! It’s a hard one to articulate, as they don’t exactly sound that much like anyone else, and it’s not like they have reinvented the wheel necessarily, it’s just got such great energy. Really strong melodic and direct songs, brustling with country hues, indie rock zing and intricate production that never feels over-fussy. We’ve fallen pretty hard.

+ Available on Indie Exclusive Clear Sunspot colour vinyl.
+ We’ll include an exclusive (hand drawn!) bonus demo CDs into all orders.

To celebrate the release of Rat Saw God, Dead Oceans have also reissued the proceeding I Was Trying to Describe You to Someone and Twin Plagues albums. Different rattles and hums, but more great songs.

North Americans

Less is the eagerly-anticipated new LP from London slowcore band deathcrash and it is really excellent. The illusion is that playing sparsely and slower is somehow easier, it really isn’t, and as this new LP proves, everything is under the microscope. Less is a masterclass in delivery. They really know when to hold back (pretty much entirely to be totally honest), keeping the mood hanging low like dimpsy lighting across track to track. Right up our street admittedly, but this one really is lush.

+ Available on limited Green Colour vinyl.
+ Note, the sold out ‘Bio Colour’ vinyl is running late and will ship late next week.

Manzanita is the third solo LP from Shana Cleveland (of La Luz) and it is an absolute peach. Her vocals are just gorgeous, so graceful and sedate. The arrangements also frame her beautifully, a sort of low tempo baroque psych pop. It’s a really gorgeous haze. Don’t snooze on this one, it’s very, very good.

+ The first pressing is on limited Maroon coloured vinyl

It’s a big pop return from the streamlined Teleman with Good Time/Hard Time. A real driving euphoria, this one just needs a few more minutes of sunshine and we have a certified summer banger.

+ We worked with the band on a Dinked Edition and have just made the last few copies available

Stereo Mind Game is the first album in seven years from Daughter. The production and delivery here is really, really good. There is plenty of drama and emotion, but it all very much sounds like it’s being played live by a band. Elena Tonra especially sounds amazing, mostly at a whisper throughout.

+ We have limited ECO colour vinyl.
+ We held a listening party and have some nice promos bits to bundle with orders too.

With A Hammer is the full debut LP from NYC-via-Seoul artist Yaeji. She really has pulled so much into the mix here, with sonic cues from pop, indie and bass music from the last twenty odd years, but most impressively it whirls up into her own shimmering sound. Such slick production and her sugary-sweet vocals are really hypnotic. Highly impressive stuff.

+ Available on exclusive Hot Pink colour vinyl.

Blondshell - Blondshell

Blondshell is the mononymous debut LP from Sabrina Teitelbaum as Blondshell and it is - much like everything this week - another magnificent set of songs and deliveries. There is a lot of restraint on the songs, which makes it all the more impactful when she really lets go and screams it out. This record really deserves to be heard far and wide.

+ Available on limited Clear colour vinyl.
+ We have some really cool Blondshell patches to give away.

The Window Is The Dream is the second album from Texas-born singer-songwriter Jana Horn. There is a lot of subtlety here as there is quite a lot going on, but she makes it all sound very hushed and very easy. There is confidence, but in a very low key way; this one is another belter in this huge week for new stuff.

Plastic Eternity is the brand new album from Seattle rock pioneers Mudhoney. It’s quite the groover, it has a real Stooges/MC5 energy looming and that was always going to win us over. It's really funny in places and you can tell that they’re getting off on the riffs as much as anyone else. It’s great stuff.

+ Available on limited ‘Loser Edition’ Silver colour vinyl.

Art punks HMLTD return this week and it has to be said, it is a ludicrously impressive outing with The Worm. It was created over the last two years with a cast of fifty musicians to include a 16-piece string orchestra and a gospel choir. The audacity of this album really is something to behold as it moves through themes, styles and textures. We’ve been enjoying diving into this one.

+ Available on exclusive Pink Colour vinyl.

+ We have signed art cards to give away with the album.

Also this week; Billie Marten releases Drop Cherries, her fourth album on Fiction. Emma Tricca joins the Bella Union family for her new Aspirin Sun LP. Heather Woods Broderick releases the pensive Labyrinth. Working Men's Club drop a right banging remix set with the Steel City EP. Episode is the debut solo LP from Ben Gregory, formerly of Blaenavon.

Lastly this week, Brand New Life is the sublime new LP, from the sublime Brandee Younger. produced by drummer and composer Makaya Mccraven, this sounds absolutely incredible. Thematically, it is a tribute to Dorothy Ashby, but that is really only the jump off point for an expansive album that touches on soul, r&b and spacious, shimmering jazz. Really great stuff.

We’re here for a (V) Good (+) Friday special tomorrow, open Saturday too but then closed Monday so that we can come-down from Sunday’s eighteen quail egg omelette. Drift online will be well stocked and ready to serve throughout.

Don’t over do it!

- Drift