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Records of the Week: Overmono, BC Camplight, Fred again.. & Brian Eno, Craven Faults, Alison Goldfrapp and MEMORIALS.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Overmono, BC Camplight, Fred again.. & Brian Eno, Craven Faults, Alison Goldfrapp and MEMORIALS.

This is a really decent week.

Hello, Friends.

For both the new and the forthcoming new-not-new, this week really is going to go down as a classic.

The Last Rotation Of Earth is the new studio LP from Brian Christinzio as BC Camplight and it’s pretty special stuff. An album born out of trauma, it’s a set of confessionals via pop radio nuggets; beautiful melancholy. The delivery is somewhere between Jim O’Rourke and Randy Newman, these really are structured songs of the highest order; funny, smart and sad in each line. This really is a hugely impressive album.

+ Pressed on exclusive Cream colour vinyl.
+ We might have said ‘Clear’ throughout pre-selling it, but it is Cream.

BC Camplight - The Last Rotation Of Earth

Standers is the second full album from Craven Faults and it is absolutely extraordinary. The six pieces that comprise the album ebb, flow and evolve to create the most evocative sonic landscapes through pulses and bleeps. It’s one of those rare ones that feels evolving and hugely impressionistic whilst also being so meticulously constructed, a proper trip. We couldn’t possibly have not had this as our Record of the Week as we’ll likely be playing it to death.

Secret Life is a collaborative ambient album from UK producer Fred again.. and lord of all ambience, Brian Eno. Released on Kieran Hebden's Text label and available to steam as of last week, it was wildly anticipated. The hype and headlines hides something altogether more fragile however, it’s a wonderfully sparse album, often sombre as it slowly unfolds. Give this one time as there is a lot there.

Overmono - Good Lies

Also released this week is Good Lies, the debut LP from electronic duo Overmono. As you likely know, it’s our May Record of the Month and we’re really, really into it. A vibrant tour through club textures and driving energy. Do come and read a little more about it here.

+ Available on limited Clear vinyl.

The Love Invention is the debut solo LP from high-queen Alison Goldfrapp. Mostly levitating between house and disco beats, it’s euphoric without fading into sonic platitudes. Synth pop bangers with real heart.

+ Available on exclusive Purple colour vinyl.
+ Includes a signed postcard pack.

Super producer James Ellis Ford makes his debut this week on Warp with the enthralling The Hum. It naturally sounds amazing as it squelches and phases through analogue hues of outsider pop and woozing synths, but this is no idle vanity project from the guy behind the desk, the songs are gloriously weird. Recalling Robert Wyatt, the pace runs from pensive through to a more Can-esque motorik. Hugely impressive, this really is one to check out.

James Ellis Ford - The Hum

Producer, DJ, pianist and activist LP Giobbi releases her long-awaited and highly anticipated debut full length album Light Places on the Ninja Tune imprint, Counter Records. The production is superb, with huge piano sounds, hand claps and clicks and really pumping bass. Old disco tones and new pop energy, this is another one to check out this week.

Esben And The Witch return with the entirely handcrafted Hold Sacred. A new set of songs full of brooding energy - but not in a dark way - there is a sedateness as the trio create huge swirls through ambience. The production is lush, clearly a project of love and thought.

Bridge of Love is the debut LP from Bobby Harden & The Soulful Saints, an absolutely belting soul set on Dala Records / Colemine. Bobby’s voice is effortlessly smooth and The Soulful Saints are so light, euphoric and melancholic. This one is a treat!

+ Available on limited Hazy Black colour vinyl.

I think we already mentioned the Four Tet Mixes of Everything But The Girl’s Nothing Left To Lose, but if we didn’t, that limited 12” has landed and the last few are online now!

Lastly this week, Music For Film: Tramps! & Women Against The Bomb is the debut (double) long player from MEMORIALS. The multi-instrumental duo of Verity Susman (Electrelane) and Matthew Simms (Wire) have used all of their experiences to create an album here that flies out the traps; with searing drones, weird clunks, pop melodies and psychedelic freakouts. It is thrilling stuff and we can’t wait to welcome them to town in a fortnight for Sea Change Weekender, that's going to be absolutely mint!

+ First pressing 500 copies only. Embossed logo on on reverse board. Exclusive print.

As mentioned, the week’s new-not-new absolutely slap too, with; Dorothy Ashby, Daft Punk, Soundcarriers, The Stan Tracey Quartet, Roxy Gordon, Joe King Kologbo and frickin’ Big Star!


- Drift