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Records of the Week: Willy Mason, Johanna Samuels, Alex Rex, Liars, Mr Jukes & Barney Artist and Bass Clef.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Willy Mason, Johanna Samuels, Alex Rex, Liars, Mr Jukes & Barney Artist and Bass Clef.

Swell new musical directions and plenty of dirty words. (Not us, them).

Hello, Friends.

Welcome to August at Drift where we're kicking things off with a Double-Dinked™ #newmusicfriday™
Firstly, Dinked Edition № 101 with LA based Johanna Samuels' new Excelsior! album on Basin Rock. She really is in great form; wistful, funny and the delivery is just magnificent with layers of rich, vintage hues. It has such an understated swagger to it, we really love this one and it's been spun a lot over here already.

Completing the double we have Dinked Edition № 112 in the form of Willy Mason's Already Dead. It's his first new LP in close to a decade, but nothing here suggests he hasn't been working, writing and observing. His baritone is the leading character, but his earlier folk-roots are more rock and roll soaked, with some really great experimentalism amongst the fuzz.

A few of each online shortly. We've also just started teasing online that we'll announce our 6th Dinked Archive Edition on Friday at 11am.

Outside of the Dinked world, we welcome back a dear friend today with an absolutely stonking new record, our Record of the Week in fact. Trembling Bells founder (not to mention all-round drumming magician to the creative all and sundry) Alex Neilson releases Paradise under his Alex Rex guise and it really is a trip. As darkly funny as his previous solo efforts, but with a punchier jubilance that really does illustrate what an excellent and utterly idiosyncratic songwriter he is. Excellent support (including Bell Lavinia Blackwall) on this collection of weird psych-pop with all the thrills.

Liars The Apple Drop

Liars return on Mute with their excellent tenth studio LP, The Apple Drop. It's recorded with another of our favourite drummers in Laurence Pike (also multi-instrumentalist Cameron Deyell) and has such a lush flow to it. Adventurous and explorative.

+ Whilst stock last, we have some bonus (lucky dip) Flex Discs with one of two acoustic tracks.

It's a Mute double with the physical release this week of the critically acclaimed Desire from Desire Marea. The South African multi disciplinary artist uses traditional beats, club textures and an operatic falsetto to great effect. Really got lost in this one.

Bombay Bicycle Club frontman Jack Steadman (aka Mr Jukes) teams up with London rapper Barney Artist on The Locket. Really good vibes here, it's joyous and fun without being lightweight. A really positive listen.

We're delighted to have a second pressing of XMIT from MICROCORPS, the experimental Alex Tucker lead project. Collaborations with Nik Void, Gazelle Twin, Simon Fisher Turner and Astrud Steehouder keep the tones changing. This edition is a limited "clear vinyl with black threat" colour pressing.

Desire Marea Desire

Also this week we have CD copies of Hannah Peel's (Mercury Prize-nominated) Fir Wave. Little restock on the LP edition too! Jim Noir releases Deep Blue View, the companion piece (sort of) to his previous A.M Jazz LP. Drive By Truckers release their Plan 9 Records July 13, 2006 live LP. We actually just sold out, but more to follow on this one.

We're ending today's dispatched with the very dreamy Magnetic Chapters from Bass Clef. Such lush textures, cleaver and detailed music that ebbs and flows. Highly recommended. 

As we mentioned, another Dinked announcement tomorrow morning, we'll also have a limited 7" single going live that we think a lot of you might well LIKE.

A little volley of late arrivals and reissues tomorrow too, including; George Harrison, Factory Records, The Lloyd McNeill Quartet and with a bit of luck, some Country Funk!

- Drift