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Records of the Week: Khruangbin, Pottery, Brigid Dawson, Nadine Shah, Woods and Noveller.

Records of the Week

Records of the Week: Khruangbin, Pottery, Brigid Dawson, Nadine Shah, Woods and Noveller.

It has been a big week, Friday is FULL of new music, and is that BillCall rumbling in the distance?

Hello, Friends.

Did you know that Khruangbin have been in a state of cat-like readiness to drop their new LP - Mordechai - at exactly the right climatory moment? Well, after some blasting hot sun, they are bringing the desert vibes and THE most sunshine-appropriate LP that we've heard in yonks. Our Record of the Week is a bloody peach, sun scorched funk, soul and psychedelia. Also, Laura's vocals are a revelation. Hot, hazy, funky jams. Brilliant stuff.

+ We have a limited indies only pressing on pink vinyl.

Kitchen Sink is the return of one of our most favourite voices: Nadine Shah. She is such a brilliant conductor, complicated and smart pop songs that are both seductive and gloriously funny. She really is an absolute treasure. Highly recommended, this one.

+ Limited Indies only LP edition on Orange vinyl

You know what, I don't think we ever said this... But our June Record of the Month is Ballet Of Apes, the brilliant new album from Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network. You may well know her and her glorious tones as part of Thee Oh Sees or in OCS, but the songs here really do testify to a brilliantly seasoned writer and the album as a whole has such a ghostly vibe to it, a delicious haze. We were very flattered that Brigid (and Castle Face) worked with us on a Dinked Edition... We're going to add our last few copies to the shop, NOW!

Meanwhile, at Drift....

Another band we are super excited about, Welcome To Bobby's Motel is the full debut LP from Montreal's Pottery. It takes all the overlapping nervous energy of their brilliant 'No.1' EP and presents a fuller, broader and bigger collection of songs. Full of big grooves and some killer changes of pace.

+ Available on limited edition 'Hot Dog Yellow' vinyl

Strange To Explain finds Woods is sparkling form. It's not necessarily 'upbeat', but there is quite a lot of drive about it whilst remaining dreamy. 

Sarah Lipstate releases Arrow on Ba Da Bing Records under the name Noveller. Beautifully organic experimental soundscapes made with guitars and pedals. It really is cosmic stuff, highly recommended. 

+ Limited indie shop colour vinyl pressing.

A Billion Heartbeats is the very very very welcome return of Eel Pie Islanders the Mystery Jets. Such a great set of songs here, really charming and it moves around stylistically without feeling like it is ever anything other than honest.

Our Two Skins is the new LP from Australian songwriter Gordi. She really does have such an arresting voice, really feeling this set.

+ Available on limited 'Crisp White' vinyl.

Sudden Fictions is the groovy return of BO NINGEN. We LOVE this band and it's really exciting to hear them move sonically around, brining in all sorts of influences (and guest vocals from Bobby Gillespie). Really ambitious and super rewarding.

+ Available on limited edition white vinyl.

Also this week Deerhoof return with the brilliantly weird (obviously!) Future Teenage Cave ArtistsHaim release the immaculately produced Women In Music Pt. III (including a very limited double yellow vinyl pressing), Christ's Reality Asylum is the experimental new set from friend of the shop Penny Rimbaud of Crass, Corb Lund is in fine voice on his new LP Agricultural TragicThe Greatest Part is the very exciting debut from Becca Mancari (including a coke bottle clear vinyl pressing) and Jessie Ware releases the eagerly anticipated What's Your Pleasure.

Call In The Crash Team is the debut album from LYR, the new group formed by Poet Laureate Simon Armitage. This has been such a joyous trip, spoken word and soundscapes, but deeply connected and influenced by one another. Got well and truly lost in this one.

Brigid Dawson & The Mothers Network - Ballet Of Apes

We have a couple of very limited Sven Wunder 7"s this week on Mr Bongo. We know A LOT of you are hyped on the Eastern Flowers and Wabi Sabi albums. They were due today, but we just heard they have gone back a few weeks, so keep your eyes peeled. Don't miss out on Sven Wunder though, bloody fantastic.

Longpigs The Sun Is Often Out gets a limited blue vinyl pressing this week. It was originally scheduled for Record Store Day, but we're actually only going to have enough copies right now to fulfil orders, again, keep your ears and eyes open for more of these landing in a few weeks, as that'll be the last of them.

Merge reissue the self-titled Redd Kross EP today. That was a pretty banging start to the day today. 

The revered synth and drums duo of Danalogue [Dan Leavers] and Betamax [Max Hallett] - who are most known as being two thirds of Mercury nominated band The Comet Is Coming - return as Soccer96 with the Tactics EP on Moshi Moshi Records. Fantastic stuff, this.

Closing out this week, we have an essential purchase for you. Sludge / Broadcaster is the debut release on Warp from Squid. There are a number of brilliant young bands doing amazing stuff right now, but there is something about Squid that just absolutely blows our minds, we honestly can not rave about this enough.

We'll try and not email you again for at least a few days. Oh, head over here as... BILL CALLAHAN IS DROPPING (a) GOLD RECORD!!!

- Drift