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ROTW: Modern Nature, Alexander Tucker, Horsebeach and Shannon Lay.

ROTW: Modern Nature, Alexander Tucker, Horsebeach and Shannon Lay.

Corking new stuff, some great reissues and double Dinked news.

Hello, Friends.

Record of the Week is one we've been waiting ages for. Modern Nature - new project from Jack Cooper, ex of Ultimate Painting / Mazes and Will Young of Beak featuring Aaron Neveu of Woods and Sunwatchers’ Jeff Tobias on saxophone - release their debut LP on Bella Union and it's a beautifully whispery album of subtle builds and pastoral swoons. How To Live is all about how urban and rural life cross into each other. A dreamy and hazy record of simple gestures all looping to lush hypnotic effect. We really love this.

+ LP is on green vinyl and includes a download code.
+ There is (soon) a very limited fanzine that will be free to the first few orders.
+ We have signed copies of the brilliant debut EP.

Arriving one day less than a year from his previous outing, The Guild Of The Asbestos Weaver is the gorgeous new LP from Alexander Tucker, maverick pop genius and 50% of the most excellent Grumbling Fur. Gloriously strange and brilliantly inviting, he has found new space on his eighth album. He played the euphoric opener Energy Alphas live at Sea Change a few months back and it was a life affirming-moment. Bloody lush, this is.

Tropical Fuck Storm

Double Dinked

Out this week is edition number twenty-two, hailing the return of Tropical Fuck Storm with their highly anticipated second album Braindrops, a year and a half after their critically acclaimed debut LP. Featuring members of the now-defunct band The Drones it's a thrilling ride. The name, the lurid art, the amazing package... it's enough to make you break into a sweat;

+ Limited exclusive edition of 500
+ Highlighter Yellow and Electric Blue split-colour vinyl
+ Includes bonus 7” featuring a Missy Elliott cover
+ Numbered
+ Includes download

We've just put the last few in stock now..... now!

Just announced is number twenty-nine, Fenella, the latest project from Jane Weaver - musical polymath and one of the most respected electronic composers of recent times - and her long-term bandmates Peter Philipson and Raz Ullah. The edition is just 500 copies and pressed on an all new 'Ink Spot' coloured vinyl, a gold and silver mirage... it's like nothing we've seen before. We listed it this morning and the vast majority have gone, so please do get involved if you want one.

Alexander Tucker

Shannon Lay returns with her new album August on Sub Pop. A really lush psych take on folk, with excellent songs and brilliantly 'in the room' sounding production. It's so unassuming, got a feeling we're going to play this an awful lot.

+ Limited Indie-only 'Loser' Edition is pressed on 'sun yellow' coloured vinyl

Manchester songwriter Ryan Kennedy returns (as Horsebeach) with his fourth album The Unforgiving Current. Recorded in and around Tokyo hotel rooms, apartments and studios,  the album is a badly lit stroll through Tokyo's winding streets, stopping in only the most questionable bars.

+ LP is on clear vinyl.

Lunch Lady are a sparky group from Los Angeles redolent of the desert heat, pining hearts and that chorus-soaked cloak of sound held dear by followers of British early 80s post-punk. The clattering guitars on Angel really got us feeling this.

+ Limited 180g red vinyl. 300 copies only.

Mainly recorded and produced at Brooklyn’s Figure 8 Studios, Lina Tullgren's Free Cell is masterfully confident. Got some really lush lo-fi production things going on and songs like Bad At Parties are totally brilliant. 

New Model Army return with From Here, an album they recorded on the Norwegian island of Giske. Only had the chance to listen through once, but it's really got something about it.

We're trying to get more of the Four Tet 12" and the Working Men's Club 7"/12", but both got hit pretty hard... damn right too!

Last new one this week is utterly utterly lovely. Arthur King Presents Jason Lytle: Nylonandjuno. The experimental music and art collective Arthur King release the next instalment in their ongoing album release series, which finds Jason Lytle (of Grandaddy) exploring new territory, created entirely from one analog synthesizer and one nylon-string acoustic guitar. Listened to this late last night and really went off somewhere... Some magic going on.


Bodega's brill brill brill Endless Scroll album has a new edition on Silver vinyl. Remember that they return soon with Shiny New Model.

Some really strong reissues this week, with Maps and Mute reissuing We Can Create and Turning the Mind, both sound utterly superb. New editions of Kilimanjaro and Wilder from Teardrop Explodes. PIAS release vinyl editions of Joan As Police Woman's Real LifeTo Survive and Deep Field
Fierce Panda have made two very very limited editions of the Coldplay - Brothers and Sisters 7"s.

Last one today (as no one can ever follow them)... the ever so mighty Lightning Bolt. For the 25th Anniversary of the band, Thrill Jockey reissue Lightning Bolt's pivotal album Wonderful Rainbow, originally released in 2003 on Load Records. Lightning Bolt will be releasing a new album later this year. To celebrate, we played it so loud that our teeth hurt... spiritual stuff.

If you head over here, we have some pretty cool Thom Yorke news too.

Look forward to seeing you all soon.

- Drift