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That's right, this is all of the Good Stuff.

That's right, this is all of the Good Stuff.

We know you hate flippers, so we wanted to do something a little different.

Drift HQ have pulled together a collection of killer releases from the last few years (Dinked Editions, indie exclusives, LRS pressings, super-limited bits) and we want these to go to homes where they’ll get played, not flipped. This is about nice stuff going to nice people at the RRP. ⁣

This is how it's going to work...

1. Firstly, we want you to follow @driftrecordshop on Instagram.

2. We are going to post some stories and we want you to repost one (or many, it's up to you) and tag us in.

3. We then want you to fill in this form. [Entries are now closed]

On Thursday (29th April) night we'll do a draw and pick a name for each release. We'll then contact you via email with a custom invoice. Is this going to totally stop people putting them online? We don't know, but we hope so. 

Drift Record Shop

Available in very limited supply will be;

Kurt Vile - Dinked Edition No. 1
Tycho - Dinked Edition No. 17
Kelly Lee Owens - Dinked Edition No. 44
Erland Cooper - Dinked Edition No. 46
Once & Future Band - Dinked Edition No. 47
Brigid Dawson - Dinked Edition No. 51
Crack Cloud - Dinked Edition No. 52
Surprise Chef - Dinked Edition No 67
AK/DK - Dinked Edition Number 69
Jim Ghedi - Dinked Edition No. 76
A Winged Victory for the Sullen - Dinked Edition No. 86
Cassandra Jenkins - Dinked Edition No. 90
Esther Rose - Dinked Edition No. 93
Claud - Dinked Edition No. 88
Field Music - Dinked Edition No. 100
Tunng - Dinked Archive Edition No. 3
Neil Young - Homegrown [RSD Print Edition]
Nirvana - Bleach [LRS Yellow Vinyl Edition]
Spiritualized® - Lazer Guided Melodies [White Vinyl]
Flowered Up - Weekender
Flowered Up - Weatherall's Weekender
Miles Davis - Double Image [Directions in Music... RSD Edition]
Paul McCartney - McCARTNEY III [Whitye Vinyl]
Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans [LRS Splatter Vinyl Edition]
Stereolab - Electrically Possessed [Switched On Volume 4 - Mirrorboard Sleeve]
Burial / Four Tet / Thom Yorke - Her Revolution / His Rope [12"]
Madlib - Sound Ancestors [Text Records Edition]
OSEES - Panther Rotate [Neon Translucent Green & Highlighter Yellow Vinyl]
Beach House - Teen Dream [LRS Clear Vinyl Edition]
Grandaddy - The Sophtware Slump... On A Wooden Piano [Cloudy Clear Vinyl]
black midi - John L [12"]
Yard Act - Dark Days / Peanuts [7" Black Vinyl]
Yard Act - Dark Days / Peanuts [7" Peanut Colour Vinyl]
Arab Strap - The Turning of Our Bones [7"]
David Bowie – Mother / Tryin' To Get To Heaven [7"]
m0rR1s$3y and David Bowie - Cosmic Dancer [7"]
King Creosote - Susie Mullen [7"]

We're sure there will be some disappointments along the line, but we're trying to do something for the community of record heads and shoppers that we've built up. We hope you like that bit anyway!