Bodega - Endless Scroll

Endless Scroll is the marvelous debut album from Brooklyn's Bodega. Now if this next bit doesn't get you fully in the mood and spark your interest then we are no longer friends...

"Endless Scroll was recorded and produced by Austin Brown (of Parquet Courts) on the same Tascam 388 tape machine used for their LP Light Up Gold'".

The breakout P.C. album will get cited a lot in reviews we'd imagine because of - not only - the connection in personal, but also that gloriously unhinged energy it managed to document that is very much present here too. Endless Scroll is so smart, really funny and a really thrilling set of 14 kraut-rock-post-punk songs (rarely passing a few minutes) with wry delivery and brilliant call and response. They deserve to be huge, we'll be playing it loads anyway.

+ Very very very limited indies only edition pressed on Teal vinyl.


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