Halo Maud - Je Suis Une Ile

  • Halo Maud - Je Suis Une Ile

Halo Maud - Je Suis Une Ile


FormatCD & LP
Released25th May 2018
Catalogue HVNLP155CD
Barcode 5414940009125

Halo Maud’s first release on our buds Heavenly Records' label is a recap of the story so far ahead of a forthcoming album release.

Three tracks of this EP originally came out on a Canadian label last year, with the difference that ‘Du Pouvoir’ now features some English lyrics, and ‘À La Fin’ and ‘Dans La Nuit’ cropped up on a 'La Souterraine' compilations in 2015 and 2016 respectively. Maud Nadal has been a member of both Moodoïd and Melody’s Echo Chamber’s live bands, and of course at times there are comparisons to be drawn with MEC, with both teetering on a crystalline peak where extreme joy and despair meet. But if anything Nadal’s own melodies are even more indelible, and her voice turns them into vapour trails.

1. Wherever
2. Du Pouvoir/Power
3. Chanceuse
4. Surprise
5. Tu Sais Comme Je Suis
6. De Retour
7. Baptism
8. Fred
9. Je Suis Une Île
10. Proche Proche Proche
11. Dans La Nuit
12. Des Bras

Artist Halo Maud
Filed Under Indie & Alternative