Jayda G - Significant Changes

  • Jayda G - Significant Changes

Jayda G - Significant Changes


FormatCD & 2LP
Released22nd March 2019
Catalogue ZENCD254
Barcode 5054429136029

Significant Changes is the debut album on Ninja Tune from Jayda G.

She has risen steadily through the dance music underground thanks to her infectious energy, vitality, rhythm and boundless enthusiasm. Musically it’s a blend of vintage drum machine funk drawing heavily on Chicago’s house blueprint - a natural progression from a string of EPs both solo and alongside her friend and mentor DJ Fett Burger (Sex Tags Mania), often appearing on the Freakout Cult label the two ran jointly until 2018 and most recently her newly minted JMG Recordings imprint. Also renowned for her high-energy performances as a DJ, the past 12 months have seen her play London’s formidable Printworks venue alongside the likes of Marcellus Pittman, Moodymann and Omar-S, be invited by The Black Madonna to play at her Warehouse Project takeover, and Berlin’s iconic Panorama Bar, as well as festival appearances at Field Day, Kala, Melt!, AVA and the xx’s Night And Day to name a few.

“I’ve gone through some significant changes personally, in terms of growing up into the person that I am, my career just morphing to a place I never dreamed or imagined possible,” explains Jayda. “It’s about me understanding myself as an artist, understanding who that person is, and who I want that person to be, and taking more responsibility for the platform that I’ve been given.”

In 2018 Jayda completed her Masters in Resource and Environmental Management specialising in environmental toxicology, wherein she specifically studied the effects of human activity on the Salish Sea killer whales (orcas) of Vancouver, in her native British Columbia. It was also the year that she finished recording her debut album as Jayda G: Significant Changes. The title of the album was the most used phrase in her final thesis and exemplifies how intertwined her work in science is with her work in music. “I’m trying to bring my two worlds together… to bridge the communication gap, engage people in a new way”, she explains. “I don’t know if people in the electronic music world will want to talk about the environment but I think I should try! I think it’s our duty to use a platform like this in a positive way, that’s our social responsibility."

Additionally she will be hosting a series of intimate talks in London aimed at offering young scientists a platform to discuss their recent academic work as well as their personal journeys. Jayda’s aim is to try to bridge the communi- cation gap between critical work in contemporary science and the wider public to promote a better understanding of science.

“I just want people to feel not so hopeless… there's a lot of really depressing things going on, but people are doing good work out there and finding out really interesting stuff, so I just want people to be informed of those things, so that they feel inspired in whatever work that they do.”

1. Unifying the Center (Abstract)
2. Renewal (Hyla Mix)
3. Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF)
4. Leave Room 2 Breathe (feat. Alexa Dash)
5. Orca’s Reprise
6. Missy Knows What’s Up
7. Sunshine in the Valley (feat. Alexa Dash)
8. Move to the Front (Disco Mix)
9. Conclusion

A1. Unifying the Center (Abstract)
A2. Renewal (Hyla Mix)

B1. Stanley’s Get Down (No Parking on the DF)
B2. Leave Room 2 Breathe (feat. Alexa Dash)

C1. Orca’s Reprise
C2. Missy Knows What’s Up

2LP - Black vinyl 2LP in artworked inner sleeves housed in a 5mm spined outer sleeve. Photography by Farah Nosh. Artwork by Fett Burger. Carbon neutral packaging. Includes MP3 download code.

CD - CD softpack. Photography by Farah Nosh. Artwork by Fett Burger. Carbon neutral packaging.

Artist Jayda G
LabelNinja Tune
Filed Under Electronic Music