Once & Future Band - Deleted Scenes

  • Once & Future Band - Deleted Scenes

Once & Future Band - Deleted Scenes


FormatLP or CD
Released10th April 2020
Catalogue CF127DE
Barcode 767870661716

Dinked Edition No. 47

∙ Translucent 'beer' coloured vinyl.
∙ EXCLUSIVE 3 track flexi-disc.
∙ Strictly limited edition of just 300 copies pressed.
∙ Folded 12” x 24” poster. 
∙ Numbered sleeve.

+ Beyond psyched to welcome the absolutely almighty Castle Face label and Once & Future Band to the Dinked family, with this low-run edition!

"Very excited about this one! We are very proud to announce a new full length LP from Oakland, California’s Once & Future Band - 'Deleted Scenes'.

The space-age songsmiths of Once & Future Band have been ting-tinging away on the truly heavy anvil of hominid perspective and emotion again to bring you this singing scape of songs.

Annealing for over a year now, until it was cool enough to hold in your ears, nested in the pinnae, the time has finally come. Dew drops pop and hiss as they settle on the gliding guitarmonies.

Once & Future Band have outdone themselves this time around, in my opinion. If songs could stop heated exchanges by mere presence, these are the ones, and more needed than ever.

As I tuned in to each new transmission, each step closer to this perfect platter, I had to stop and do nothing else, and merely absorb how wonderful this album is. Each tune exists in the company it was born to live with. There are haunting chorale escorts here...long trains of room warmth...the belting of the machine heart...lofty guitar and bass melange...and just beautifully laid to magnetic tape with a sure hand by the throbbing brains that are Once & Future Band

for fans of; Roy Wood, Idle Race, ELO, Roxy Music, Head Hunters, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, The Lord Bowie, The Band, and the soundtrack from every movie that ever pierced your cold, cold heart” - John Dwyer.

1. Andromeda
2. Automatic Air
3. Problem Addict
4. Several Bullets in my Head
5. Freaks
6. Mr. G
7. Deleted Scenes
8. Airplane
9. The End and the Beginning

Dinked Flexi Disc Tracks;
A1 : Desk (Live in Halifax 2019)
B1 : La Mer (Live in Bristol 2019)
B2 : Whateva Pete (Live at Smuggler’s Fest 2019)

Once & Future Band - Deleted Scenes is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. The release date of 10th April 2020 is estimated and subject to change.

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